Saturday, December 11, 2010

Javier Solana Challenges Catherine Ashton Over Israel

Curt Here...

Thanks to all the great watcher websites out there for bringing this very important news story to my attention.

Over the past year and a half since he "retired", former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has remained mainly out of the spotlight and has been working mostly in the shadows. Today's article reminds me why I and many other end time websites watched this man so closely for so long.

In the article posted below it reports that Javier Solana, along with 26 other former EU leaders have sent a signed letter to current EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, challenging her to set an ultimatum of April 2011 for Israel to fall into line and negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians or see the EU seek an end to the existing US-led peace talks format in favor of a UN solution.

As you may know, the US has for several years now, led peace talks with Israel and the Palestinians in hope that these talks would produce two states living side by side in peace and security. These talks have continued to not bear fruit. Javier Solana in July of 2009 suggested that if peace talks failed that a Palestinian State should be formed by UN mandate.

It is clear that this is where the so called peace process is heading, and now, by Javier Solanas own words it would suggest that he is still a major player in this process.

Are we about to see Solana burst back on to the world scene? Does the seven year ENP agreement between the EU and Israel still a factor in this discussion. Is a Palestine State going to be forced on Israel by UN mandate and if so how will it be enforced (militarily)? Are we really that close to the end of days and the fulfillment of the end time prophecies and the return of Christ? I would suspect that between now and April 2011 many of these questions will begin to be answered.

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Former EU leaders challenge Ashton on Israel

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A large group of former EU leaders and commissioners, including Catherine Ashton's predecessor Javier Solana, has urged the Union to take sanctions against Israel on settlements. But Ms Ashton's reply indicates the plea will go unheard.

The group in a letter to EU capitals and the leaders of the EU institutions on 6 December seen by EUobserver says that Israel "like any other state" should be made to feel "the consequences" and face "a price tag" for breaking international law by building thousands of new Jewish homes on Palestinian land.

It asks EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels on 13 December to state as doctrine that the EU: "Will not recognize any changes to the June 1967 boundaries, and clarify that a Palestinian state should be in sovereign control over territory equivalent to 100 percent of the territory occupied in 1967, including its capital in East Jerusalem."

It also asks ministers to set an ultimatum of April 2011 for Israel to fall into line or see the Union seek an end to the existing US-led peace talks format in favour of a UN solution.

On top of this, the bloc should: officially link its informal freeze on an upgrade in EU-Irsael diplomatic relations to a settlement freeze; block imports of products made in settlements but labelled as made in Israel; make Israel pay the lion's share of aid to Palestine; send a high-level delegation to East Jerusalem to back Palestinian claims; and reclassify EU support for Palestine as "nation building" instead of "institution building."

The letter warns in a note of urgency that "time is fast running out" because "Israel's continuation of settlement activity ... poses an existential threat to the prospects of establishing a sovereign, contiguous and viable Palestinian state."

Criticising existing EU policy, it adds that tough action is "a matter of fundamental credibility" for the bloc, which risks deterioration in its ties with Arab trade partners. "The EU needs to act more pro-actively in its relations with the US, Israel and others to promote the fulfillment of this objective," it says.

The letter is signed by 26 notables including 10 former leaders of European countries, 10 former ministers and several former EU commissioners. The roll-call includes former German chancellor Helmut Schmid, former German president Richard von Weizsacker, one-time Spanish leader Felipe Gonzales, ex-EU commission president and Italian PM Romano Prodi and the UK's former EU commissioner Chris Patten. It also represents the first time that the forerunner of EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, Javier Solana, has come out of the wings to challenge the newcomer.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Palestinians Demand Immediate Statehood

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On Monday Israel announced plans to build 1,300 new housing units in Jerusalem and additional plans for over 800 new units in the West Bank. Israel for over a year now has had a construction freeze of new housing units in these areas as they have tried to negotiate some sort of peace agreement with the Palestinians. This freeze and effort has led nowhere.

With this announcement for future building of housing units, the Palestinians have countered by demanding immediate Statehood and international recognition from the UN. This would be done through a UN Security Council Resolution declaring statehood (as first suggested by Javier Solana in July of 2009). This has not been done before now because the US would have simply vetoed such a resolution, but for the first time there are signs coming out from the US Administration that such a resolution could simply be abstained.

So in essence this Resolution would pass by the US's lack of veto and the UN would then force (militarily?) Israel to give up East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (West Bank). If this happens, and it sounds like the world is rapidly moving in that direction, we could have the prophetic setup for the end of days.

Luke 21:20

20."But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then recognize that her desolation is near.

Mathew 24:15-16
15. "Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),
16. then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains.

Zechariah 14:2
2. For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, the houses plundered, the women ravished and half of the city exiled, but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city.

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Palestinians demand immediate statehood to counter Israeli 'unilateralism'

Israel's plan to build new homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank should be countered by international recognition of a Palestinian state, the chief Palestinian negotiator said on Tuesday.

Raising the stakes in the deadlock over stalled peace talks, Saeb Erekat said it was clear from the latest announcement of building plans that Israel wants settlements, not peace.

"Israeli unilateralism is a call for immediate international recognition of the Palestinian state," he said in a statement......

....Israel on Monday announced plans to build 1,300 new housing units on occupied land near Jerusalem, and on Tuesday, Haaretz reported that a further 800 units were planned in the big settlement of Ariel in the northern West Bank.....

....The prospect of the United States recognising an independent Palestine without the agreement of Israel seems very remote. But Israeli analysts speculate that President Barack Obama could threaten to abstain rather than veto a UN resolution if he believes Israel is obstructing the path to a peace treaty.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of a Theory, Not the End of the Story

Curt Here,

First off, I am sorry to have been away for so long. After following the ENPI theory, first put forth by the late Herb Peters (including the apparent failure of this theory over the Summer) very diligently since 2004, I needed a break from watching so closely. I did not quit watching altogether over the last couple of months, I doubt I will ever do that, as I am too much of a Bible prophecy nut, but the time away from posting regularly here on this blog has been very good for me. Now, feeling somewhat refreshed, I hope to continue on and report on the news that will someday lead to the return of our Lord and Savior.

So, since we are roughly three years and nine months into the seven year ENPI agreement between Israel and the EU, and since according to Scripture the Anti-Christ puts a stop to sacrifice and grain offering in the middle of the week (Daniel 9:27) and is given authority to act for 42 months (Revelation 13:5) and these two events have not occurred yet, I believe that the ENPI theory as Herb first described it and as I understand it is no longer a valid theory.

Having said that, I don't pretend to know exactly how everything is going to play out and it would seem possible that we have not heard the last of the ENPI agreement and of former EU High Representative Javier Solana. You see, the ENPI is still a valid seven year agreement between Israel and the EU, and it has financial teeth as well as future membership consequences to Israel if they do not live up to their end of the agreement.

One of the conditions of this agreement is that Israel must make progress towards peace in the Middle east. If you have been following the news lately the international push for peace has been very active, but we still seem to be far away from any kind of comprehensive peace agreement. As a matter of fact as I write this it appears as if direct negotiations have been suspended due to Israels settlement moratorium expiring (see article below). The consequences of another failed push for peace is unknown at this time, but war in the Middle East is always part of the discussion and tensions are very high right now.

Javier Solana, not surprisingly to me is still very active in world politics and should still be watched closely. There are many other players including Iran, Turkey, Syria, Russia and many other world leaders including or own President that seem to be pushing our world down a prophetic path towards the return of our King.

So, as the title of this blog entry states, just because the ENPI theory has appeared to have failed it does not mean it is the end of the story.

Stay Tuned.



Direct negotiations suspended

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks come to de facto halt after Israel lets settlement moratorium expire. PA says will wait until Arab League convenes before making final decision on talks' fate

Are the peace talks on the verge of breakdown? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agreed – but the biweekly meetings the two leaders agreed upon seem to have gotten off to a bumpy start.

The expiration of the moratorium placed on West Bank settlement construction and ensuing tensions seem to have put the entire peace process on hold. US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell is expected to arrive in Israel, in an effort to somehow circumvent a deadlock in the talks, but the Palestinians said it is unlikely that negotiations will resume prior to the next Arab League conference, set for October 4.

Although the Americans are applying pressure in an effort to reach an agreement over the settlements before the Arab League convenes, direct negotiations seem to have been halted for the moment.

Sources in Jerusalem estimate that Palestinians are interested to resume talks, and will certainly not declare them over officially prior to the US midterm elections in November, so not to harm US President Barack Obama.

However, if a solution is not found before the Arab League convenes – Mitchell will once again become the key mediator between the two sides, as direct talks will be called off. Government officials told Ynet that Netanyahu will not agree to a complete construction freeze, and that he will not be able to garner the majority needed to pass such a decision.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

'Egyptian FM: Arab League Will Establish Palestinian State'

Curt Here...

Happy 4Th of July everyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday celebrating the birth of our nation.

According to the articles posted below it appears as if we could be seeing real fireworks in the Middle East soon. Egyptian FM Abu Al-Rit and the rest of the Arab League are growing very impatient on the lack of progress in the push for peace in the Middle East. He said that if progress is not made by September than the Arab League will declare a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as it's capital.

Meanwhile, President Obama is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu early next week to discuss the lack of progress that is being made in the push for a two state solution. These meetings have been described as very important towards determining the future of the region. The way I am reading this article and others it almost sounds like this may be the last chance for Israel to be involved in the negotiations in the creation of a Palestinian State.

Like I have said in many other posts on this blog, the world is bent on the creation of Palestinian State and I believe it is going to occur whether Israel likes it or not. Israel has tried, successfully up to this point, to avoid such an outcome, but I think time is running out and the world is running out of patience. Israel of course will not give in and give up East Jerusalem and so in my mind there will be no other alternative, but conflict. I believe this conflict will launch all of the prophetic happenings of the end times and it appears as if the beginnings of this could be just right around the corner.

I currently am watching the month of July very closely as I believe this is the last month that the seven year ENP agreement can be the seven year covenant with many. After July is over, this theory in my mind will be ruled invalid. So keep watching and stay tuned.



'Egyptian FM: Arab League will establish Palestinian State'

Egyptian Foreign Minister Abu Al-Rit said that if there is no progress in proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians, the Arab League's security council may establish a Palestinian State, Israel Radio reported on Friday.

Al-Rit reportedly said at the conference of Palestinian donor states in Paris that the Arab League will wait until September, and if the situation does not change, the League will declare a Palestinian State in 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.


Official: PM-Obama talks to determine region's future

Netanyahu's senior advisors leave for Cairo ahead of his visit to Washington next week, in light of Egypt's influence on Palestinian President Abbas. 'This time, the talks with President Obama on the Palestinian issue are more important than ever,' state official says.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's senior advisor's, Yitzhak Molcho and Uzi Arad, are expected to leave for Cairo on Sunday for meetings with senior Egyptian officials ahead of Netanyahu's meeting with US President Barack Obama in Washington next week.

"This time, the talks with President Obama on the Palestinian issue are more important than ever," a senior state official in Jerusalem said Friday morning. "They will determine the future of the process in the region."

Arad, the prime minister's national security advisor, and Molcho, Netanyahu's special emissary on Palestinian issues, are scheduled to meet with Egyptian Information Minister Omar Suleiman due to the great importance Israel sees in the Egyptian involvement in the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

Jerusalem officials estimated that Netanyahu-Obama meeting on Tuesday would be important for the possibility of launching direct negotiations.

For more go here...,7340,L-3914094,00.html

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Russia, Turkey and Iran Meet, Posing Test for U.S.

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The New York Times reported (posted below) on a very interesting meeting that took place today in Istanbul, Turkey. The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran met to display a regional and united front just one day before the scheduled American lead debate at the UN on imposing tighter sanctions on Iran, due to their continued unabated nuclear weapons program. The likelihood of new UN sanctions actually having any impact in this long standing issue are slim to none and Iran surely knows this by now.

Ironically, this meeting comes just a few days after both Iran and Turkey offered to militarily escort the next round of Gaza bound flotilla ships (posted below). Are the timing of these two stories simply a concidence or a major sign of what lies ahead?

It is quite amazing to me that some of the main players in the Biblical Gog/Magog prophetic battle (see Ezekiel 38 & 39) are now suddenly united, and just in time for the ongoing flotilla crisis that could possibly turn into a major international incident at anytime. Are we seeing the beginning of Biblical prophecy unfolding before us?

Keep watching closely as this could escalate quickly, or it could simply evaporate into another false alarm. It is still to soon to know for sure.

Stay Tuned



Russia, Turkey and Iran Meet, Posing Test for U.S.

ISTANBUL — Leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran convened at a security summit meeting in Istanbul on Tuesday in a display of regional power that appeared to be calculated to test the United States just one day before a scheduled American-backed debate in the United Nations Security Council on imposing tighter sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program.

In remarks at the gathering of regional leaders, the third of its kind dedicated to increasing cooperation and security in Asia, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran said a nuclear agreement brokered by Turkey and Brazil last month was a one-time opportunity and other countries had called to express their support for it.

“We’ve seen a lot of support from the international arena,” he said, according to the Turkey’s official Anatolian News Agency. “This is the voice of everyone’s heart.” Mr. Ahmadinejad also maintained a defiant posture toward the United States.

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Iran Offers Military Escort to Ships Breaking Gaza Blockade

Iran's Revolutionary Guards are willing to provide a military escort to cargo ships trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, a spokesman for Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying Sunday. The news was carried by Reuters, quoting Iranian news agency Mehr.

"Iran's navy forces are ready to escort the peace flotilla to Gaza with all their powers and capabilities," announced Ali Shirazi, Khamenei's representative inside the Revolutionary Guards.

The report came just a day after Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was reportedly considering personally joining a flotilla to Gaza and offering the support of the Turkish Navy to protect such flotillas from Israeli inspections.

A naval force from either country heading toward Gaza would be tantamount to a declaration of war on Israel, which is a very small country that is surrounded by hostile Muslim entities.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Turkish Navy to Escort Future Gaza Supply Vessels

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After several days of chess between Israel and Turkey, the much anticipated confrontation between Israel and the Gaza supply flotilla occurred with very predictable results. After many warnings from the Israeli government, detailing exactly what would happen if the Turkish supply vessels did not respect the Israeli imposed Gaza blockade that has been in place for several years, Israel was finally forced to act to prevent the vessels from docking in Gaza.

Because of this, Israel is again viewed by the world as the instigator of war and the barrier to peace in the Middle East. This of course is political spin at it finest, as it is clear from my perspective that the supply vessels where not sent to simply provide humanitarian aid but where sent to break the blockade. This blockade could be put on course to being lifted if the Palestinians simply agreed to quit firing rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel which is one of the many reasons for the blockade in the first place.

Now Turkey could be upping the ante as the article posted below reports that future Gaza supply vessels will be escorted by the Turkish Navy. If true this could lead to a serious military conflict between Israel and Turkey as Israel does not appear to be backing down from this conflict. It is also clear from the outcry from the rest of the international community that it could involve much more than just a direct conflict between Turkey and Israel. Many more countries and world political players could be drawn into this before it is all said and done. I will have to say that it is very interesting that a possible international emergency involving Israel and Turkey (Gog/Magog participant) could occur so close to the mid-point of the 7 year ENP agreement.

It is time to really pay attention to the news over the next few days and weeks as things could get very interesting, very quickly.

Stay Tuned.



Turkey threatens action; Israel on alert

New Delhi: Turkey has threatened Israel with unprecedented action after Israeli forces attacked an aid vessel, killing 10 peace activists headed to Gaza.

Israel said 10 people died while those on the ship said at least 15 were killed.

A shocked world has responded with outrage. Turkey recalled its ambassador to Israel and warned of unprecedented and incalculable reprisals.

Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences.

Israel has sounded an alert throughout the country fearing rocket attacks by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Arab League has called an urgent meeting on Tuesday to decide on a common response. Egypt is under pressure to end the blockade of Gaza while Greece has cancelled a military exercise with Isreal.

The world is waiting for the response from Washington, how will President Obama react to the provocation from America's closest ally.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two-State Solution Within 4 Months?

Curt Here...

Middle East peace talks are getting very serious and Israel is finding themselves in a very dangerous position. According to the article posted below Israel has been given by the Obama Administration a maximum of 4 months to produce results on core issues such as the status of Jerusalem, final borders and the issue of Palestinian refugees as the administrations push towards a two-state solution continues.

This comes after a story that broke last week in which it has been rumored that the Obama administration will not veto a UN resolution creating a Palestinian state if one can not be negotiated directly with Israel. When I read that story, I wondered how long will this charade will go on before Israel is forced to give up East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount by UN mandate? Now we have our answer. Israel, of course will not simply give up East Jerusalem, so things could get very interesting, very quickly.

Another article came out today reporting that the Palestinians are willing to have NATO forces stationed in a future Palestinian state. It goes on to say that NATO forces would also be tasked with "protecting the Palestinian state from Israel." This news that seems to be coming out daily is very ominous as the world continues to plan and prepare for a future state of Palestine.

We know from our search of Scriptures that the Bible has predicted that at some point, Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies, and soon after, half the city will be captured. Could today's headlines be the setup for what the ancient prophets predicted years ago? Here are a few scriptures for your review.

Zechariah 12:3
3. "It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

Zechariah 14:2
2. For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, the houses plundered, the women ravished and half of the city exiled, but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city.

I can not say for sure if we are about to see the scriptures come alive in our news headlines, but it is quite interesting to say the least that the midpoint of the 7 year ENP agreement between Israel and the EU occurs in approximately 1 month. Are we really that close to the beginning of the Great Tribulation?

Stay Tuned.



Mubarak: Terror to spread if Israel continues stalling peace talks

Saeb Erekat says following Abbas-Mitchell meeting that the PA hopes to achieve a two-state solution within 4 months.

Terrorism will spread if Israel fails to address "fundamental" issues with the Palestinians, Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak warned on Wednesday during talks with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Mubarak criticised Israel's refusal to address the definitive borders of a future Palestinian state during indirect peace talks with the Palestinians that have been approved by Arab nations.

According to the Egyptian president, Israel's insistence on discussing only "secondary issues," such as the environment and the rights to airspace, threatened to stall any peaceful resolution of the conflict.

"Then we will see terrorism increase and spread throughout the world," Mubarak said.

Berlusconi said Italy, together with its international allies, is "putting pressure" on both the Israelis and Palestinians to resume negotiations.

Earlier Wednesday, top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that U.S. President Barack Obama's Middle East envoy George Mitchell and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas discussed possible outlines of a future Palestinian state during their Ramallah meeting.

"We are focusing on final-status issues like borders and security," Saeb Erekat told reporters after the meeting between Abbas and Mitchell, who is mediating indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

"We hope that in the next four months we can achieve the two-state solution on the 1967 borders," said Erekat, reiterating a Palestinian demand that Israel withdraws from Palestinian territory it captured in the 1967 Middle East war.

For more go here..

Report: PA willing to have NATO forces in future state

London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi says Palestinian president will inform special US Middle East envoy that he is willing to have NATO forces monitor future Palestine's borders

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas intends on informing Special US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell that the Palestinian Authority would agree to have NATO forces stationed in future Palestine, London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi reported Wednesday.

Abbas and Mitchell are scheduled to meet in Ramallah on Wednesday afternoon.

The newspaper quoted Palestinian sources as saying that Abbas would agree to have North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces monitor the borders of the future Palestinian state, in order to stop arms smuggling to what is supposed to become a demilitarized zone.

According to the report, NATO forces would also be tasked with "protecting the Palestinian state from Israel."

The newspaper added that the Palestinian president intends to "reiterate his commitment to fighting terror and any incitement or violence against Israel. He will stress that the PA has met its security obligations, as detailed in the Road Map, in full."

According to the report, Abbas will inform the US envoy that he intends to establish a state within the confines of the 1967 borders, while keeping the option of a territorial exchange with Israel.,7340,L-3891416,00.html

Friday, April 30, 2010

Obama to Call World Summit if Mideast Peace Talks Fail

Curt Here...

The push for Mideast peace continues as President Obama has made it very clear that he is determined to use his influence to help establish a Palestinian state.

In the article posted below it is being reported that President Obama will give the Israelis and the Palestinians a few more months to come to an agreement between themselves and if they don't the quartet will get involved through a world Mideast peace summit.

The implications are clear, Israel has to agree now to two states living side by side through direct talks with the Palestinians or, they will be forced by the international community towards that end later. The problem with this approach is the Palestinian President Abbas knows this. How can Israel negotiate with a partner that already knows they are going to get everything that they demand one way or the other?

This problem for Israel couldn't be more obvious. Especially when everyone involved already knows the end game. Here is a very revealing statement made by Abbas, he said "We want our state to be declared under an international agreement, if this could not happen, the Arabs will go to the UN Security Council to get recognition of Palestinian statehood."

Just a quick reminder to everyone who has maybe not followed this that closely, this idea of a UN Security Council resolution declaring Palestinian statehood was first floated by Javier Solana back in the Summer of 2009. Every since then, President Obama has appeared to be working towards this end. So from my perspective this seems to be a coordinated attempt by the powers that be to force this agreement upon Israel, and the Palestinians know it.

Stay Tuned



Israeli officials: Obama to call world summit if Mideast peace talks fail

U.S. President Barack Obama has told several European leaders that if Israeli-Palestinian talks remain stalemated into September or October, he will convene an international summit on achieving Mideast peace, senior Israeli officials told Haaretz on Thursday.

The officials said the conference would be run by the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers - the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia - in a bid to forge a united global front for creating a Palestinian state. The summit, they said, would address such core issues as borders, security arrangements, Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.

Obama is determined to exert his influence to establish a Palestinian state, the officials said, and several European leaders have vowed that the EU would support any peace plan proposed by Washington. Therefore, though so-called proximity talks are set to start in the coming weeks, Obama is already readying for the possibility that the indirect Israeli-Palestinian talks might reach a dead end.

...Abbas, for his part, will visit China on Friday, and in advance of this visit, he told the state-run news agency Xinhua that the Obama administration had promised him it would work to prevent any provocative Israeli moves during the negotiations.

"We want our state to be declared under an international agreement," Abbas told the agency while visiting the Jordanian capital of Amman Thursday. "If this could not happen, the Arabs will go to the UN Security Council to get recognition of Palestinian statehood."

For more go here...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Deceitful Spirits

Well, last week’s news of Jennifer Knapp coming out as a homosexual really struck my heart with grief; deep to the core.

As I prayed and pondered my way through why I was so bothered by the news I was reminded of a basic principal of faith and a scripture that I find intriguing.

The principal the Holy Spirit reminded me of is that we need to be careful about putting faith in human beings as we are all born with a selfish nature. Somehow we place musicians, actors, politicians, sports figures and usually the very rich on a pedestal where we look up to them. The problem is that they all are human and do fail. Jennifer Knapp can be included in a long list of other more secular celebrities that have had personal or moral failings.

Back to scripture;

1 Timothy 4
1But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,
2by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron,
3men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth.
4For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude;
5for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.
It has always intrigued me that at some point men will be forbidding marriage. I can’t seem to envision how that will play itself out but these issues we see regarding homosexual relationships sure could be a factor in that movement which is clearly connected to the apostasy.

Unfortunately, I just continue to see more evidence of the deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons influencing our world.

Keep looking up my friends, our Savior is the only one who deserves our admiration.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to You, Israel 62

Curt Here...

Today marked the beginning of celebrations for Israel's 62ND birthday and the message from Prime Minister Netanyahu was clear. In a speech marking the event, Netanyahu stated that no matter how much pressure President Obama or any other world leader puts on the State of Israel to submit to the worlds demands to a two state solution, the city of Jerusalem is not up for grabs.

This of course is counter to what the surrounding Arab nations and the rest of the world leaders are requiring to establish a Palestinian state. They want Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and will not let up until they achieve this goal. This problem will not be negotiated away, no matter what many leaders are saying, and lately many are openly suggesting that this impasse will lead to war, sooner rather than later.

As I sit by and watch the news, and get increasingly frustrated with what I am reading and at the same time watch as the ENP theory that this website and many others have been reporting on seems to not be progressing as I thought it might, I have to ask myself what is going on? I am having a hard time making sense of it all. The world is clearly showing signs of our Saviors return, with many large earthquakes, volcanoes, economic turmoil, progress towards a resumption of animal sacrifices in Israel, the world gathering against Israel and so many other signs and yet prophetically we seem to be standing still.

Even with all of these signs it is obvious that I don't know for sure how or when it is all going to play out, nor do any of us. So what do we do? I have asked this question of myself now for the last couple of weeks and the answer that I believe the Lord has lead me to is that we are to get our personal house in order, tell others about Him, watch for His return and occupy until He comes.

This is all we can do.

Stay Tuned.



Happy Birthday to You, Israel 62

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu kicked off Israel’s 62nd birthday as a modern state with a clear message to the world that the united city of Jerusalem is not up for grabs. The same theme was pounded home by Knesset Speaker and veteran leader Reuven Rivlin.

The holiday began with traditional torch lighting ceremonies, the most prominent being at Har Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem. Those who were given the honor to light the torches included 91-year-old Sarah Shpechner, 91, who was a Palmach parachutist in Europe during the Nazi occupation.

Former IDF colonel Tzvi Levanon, now age 79 and director of the HaGanah Veterans Association, 84-year-old Avraham Greenzeid, who fought the Nazis as an officer in the Soviet Red army, and Ethiopian immigrant and IDF officer Major Doctor Avraham Yitzchak, also were among the torch lighters.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released statement that referred to the capital, stating that “We are here because this is our land. We've returned to our land, to our city - Jerusalem - because this is our land; this is our city.”

For more click the link...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Israel Fears Obama Heading for Imposed Mideast Settlement

Curt Here...

According to the article posted below President Obama is planning on imposing a permanent Mideast settlement on Israel and the Palestinians in less than two years. It seems to be clear that President Obama is telling Israel that your last chance to put forth a good faith effort to negotiate a deal is here and if they fail to do so it will forcefully imposed.

The huge problem with this approach is that the deal that everyone is trying to shove down Israels throat is one that they can not accept if they would like to remain a sovereign nation. Israel, under Prime Minister Netanyahu will not willingly give up East Jerusalem and this is exactly what they are currently demanding Israel to negotiate away. Which is why I have a very hard time believing that Obama and the world is going to wait and let the two year time frame clock run out on this.

It is very clear that this is a shot over the Israeli bow and soon I believe that it will be very clear that Israel will not wilt under international pressure. If and when this happens then the prophetic fireworks begin. Like I have said before, there will be a two state solution whether Israel likes it or not, which will be the perfect setup for the middle of the 70Th week. Could this all happen in the next few months? Well see.

Stay Tuned



U.S. President Barack Obama's demands during his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Tuesday point to an intention to impose a permanent settlement on Israel and the Palestinians in less than two years, political sources in Jerusalem say.

Israeli officials view the demands that Obama made at the White House as the tip of the iceberg under which lies a dramatic change in U.S. policy toward Israel.

Of 10 demands posed by Obama, four deal with Jerusalem: opening a Palestinian commercial interests office in East Jerusalem, an end to the razing of structures in Palestinian neighborhoods in the capital, stopping construction in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and not building the neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo.

But another key demand - to discuss the dispute's core issues during the indirect talks that are planned - is perceived in Jerusalem as problematic because it implies that direct negotiations would be bypassed. This would set up a framework through which the Americans would be able to impose a final settlement.

It is not just Obama's demands that are perceived as problematic, but also the new modus operandi of American diplomacy. The fact that the White House and State Department have been in contact with Israel's European allies, first and foremost Germany, is seen as part of an effort to isolate Israel and put enormous political pressure on it.

For more go here...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Israeli Supreme Court Says No to Korban Pesach

Curt Here...

According to the article posted below, which can be found on the website "Temple Mount Updates," (you can find it here.. the Israeli Supreme Court has rejected the petition for the renewal of the Korban Pesach or the Passover Sacrifice. It sounds like the threat of violence from Muslims along with the potential political fallout in foreign relations was enough for the Supreme Court to reject this petition.

We will continue to follow this and many other signs of our Lord's return as they develop.

Stay Tuned



News Alert: Israeli Supreme Court says no to Korban Pesach

Sad news has reached the Temple Mount Movements, moments ago it was announced that the Supreme Court has rejected a petition for the renewal of the Korban Pesach (Passover Sacrifice).
Part of the ruling read as follows:

” Indeed, the basic starting point is that every Jew has the right to the Temple Mount and pray there… However, these rights are not absolute and can limit their implementation taking into account public interest… In light of the centrality and importance of the Temple Mount many other religions, too, the danger arising from a flare of violence is not only a local threat… what is happening on the Temple Mount effect political considerations and foreign relations of the state.”
In response various Temple Mount Organizations were quick to reposnd:

“The Land of Israel is acquired through pain, sadly much pain.”

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, Head of Organization for Human Rights on the Temple Mount

“The Heart of every Jew should shudder at this ruling. This ruling is reminiscent of the decree of the evil king of Israel, Yeravam Ben Nevat, who also did not allow the Jewish People to ascend and worship on the Mount”

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Israel Supreme Court Respondes Positively to Korban Pesach Offering

Curt Here..

Thanks to made4eternity over at Fulfilled Prophecy for finding this story.

Potential big news today as it appears as if the Israeli Supreme Court has responded positively to the petition by the Sanhedrin and other Temple Mount groups to their request to offer the pesach offering this passover season. According to the article posted below the high court has given the Israeli government three days to respond to the petition, which if I am understanding correctly means that we might have some sort of ruling by this weekend.

This petition has been made in past years but has always been rejected in the interest of public safety. This appears to be the first time that the high court is seriously considering the request.

It is very hard to say how this going to play out and I am not about to make a prediction on the outcome, but I will say this, if the Israeli government and the Israeli Supreme Court allows Passover sacrifices this year, then the time of our Savior's return is drawing near.

Stay Tuned.



Big News: Korban Pesach this year?

After 2,000 years of heartfelt prayers the wait might be over!

The Supreme Court has responded positively to a petition by Temple Mount Movements in regard to the special pesach offering! The high court has given the government 3 days to respond to the petition and did not reject the petition outright as was expected.

We will keep you up to date with the case and the final decision of the Supreme Court!


Temple Institute wants to Offer Biblical Passover Sacrifice

( The Temple Mount Institute has filed suit in its fight for the right to sacrifice a sheep on the Temple Mount prior to Passover, as commanded in the Torah.

"The command to perform a Paschal [Passover] sacrifice is a positive commandment; the punishment for failing to perform it is 'karet' [lit. -- 'cut off', meaning that a person is cut off from the Nation of Israel], and it can be performed only on the day before Passover and only on the Temple Mount,” the organization explained in a petition to the Supreme Court. Fighting the group's request are the Israel Police, who argue that the sacrifice would lead to Muslim riots and thus threaten public safety.

Jews have the right to offer animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount under Israeli law, the organization claimed. Israelis are guaranteed the right to freedom of worship, and Israel prides itself in allowing members of all faiths to access their holy sites.

In previous years, the court has ruled that the right to freedom of worship is outweighed by the consideration of public safety, and has forbidden the Paschal sacrifice.

The Temple Mount Institute also took the opportunity to take police to task for barring Jews and Christians from the Temple Mount following Muslim riots. “The Israel Police is giving rioters a 'prize' and encouraging them to hold violent riots and disturb the peace, on the one hand, and is discriminating against Jews and members of other faiths and trampling their human rights – the right to freedom of movement and freedom of worship – on the other,” the organization accused.
The Institute asked the court to order police to explain why Jews are barred from the mount when Muslims riot.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Temple Mt Groups Ask Police to Allow Passover Sacrifice

Curt Here...

According to the article posted below "Jewish organizations" wrote a letter to the Jerusalem District police commander requesting that they be allowed to offer the Passover lamb sacrifice this Passover season. These unnamed Jewish organizations in my humble opinion are most likely organizations such as the Sanhedrin and the Temple Institute.

This request has been made in the past and has always been denied. If we are in the near season of our Lord's return, then I would expect for this request to somehow gain approval. Time will truly tell on this and the good news is that we don't have much time to wait as Passover begins Tuesday, March 30Th.

Stay Tuned



( Jewish organizations that promote the reestablishment of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem wrote a letter to the Jerusalem District police commander Aharon Franco asking him to allow the offering of the Passover lamb sacrifice as is proscribed by the Torah (the Bible).

Petitioners stated in their letter that "the Israeli police has the the responsibility to allow the Passover sacrifrice as part of its role to allow freedom of worship to anyone on the Temple Mount.".

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Kosher Red Heifer is Alive and Well in Israel!

Curt Here...

According to the article and the audio link posted below, Rabbi Chaim Richman has announced on a radio show that there is at least one kosher red heifer alive and well in Israel. You can click on the audio link below and go to part 2, a little past 38 minutes in to hear the announcement for yourself. This is a very momentous announcement.

This is very significant from a prophetic and Jewish perspective as the ashes from a red heifer are required for purification and a requirement for the future Temple. Here is a quote from the website, "The Temple Institute", (you can find it here.. ) "For G-d has ordained that its ashes alone are the single missing ingredient for the reinstatement of Biblical purity - and thereafter, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. "

With the recent completion of the sacrificial altar, and with the announcement from the Sanhedrin inviting the world to participate in the Korban Pesach sacrifice this Passover season, and now with the arrival of the red heifer you have to wonder if the time of our Savior's return is near.

Stay Tuned



Audio: A Red Heifer is Alive and Well in Israel!

In this highly charged live special two hour broadcast of Temple Talk, Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman reflect upon the lessons of Purim and modern-day Hamans. They also talk about the relationship between the Golden Calf and the mysterious Red Heifer, including the dramatic revelation of a new red heifer alive and well in Israel at an undisclosed location! Our hosts take some lively calls from listeners and interview Yosef Rabin, a Temple activist working diligently on the International Temple Mount Awareness Day (March 16th) project. How are you going to be active in your community to raise Temple Mount awareness? Rabbi Richman reads an angry, threatening letter from a Moslem, plus a letter from the US government, both indicating that people are defintely taking notice of, and acknowledging the importance of, International Temple Mount Awareness Day. Be part of it!

For more go here..

Friday, March 5, 2010

U.S. Vows to Assign Blame if Israel-PA Talks Fail

Curt Here...

Thanks to an email from Jackie a fellow watcher for alerting me to the article posted below.

There has begun another push from the international community for a resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. This would be the latest in a long line of past failed negotiations. The difference in this latest push is that according to the article posted below the United States is prepared to assign blame to whichever party is responsible for the failed negotiations.

The article hints that the United States is prepared to take it a step further. According to a document sent by the US Administration to the leadership of the Palestinian Authority the US is prepared to take action if negotiations fail. Here is quote from that document, "We expect both parties to act seriously and in good faith. If one side, in our judgment, is not living up to our expectations, we will make our concerns clear and we will act accordingly to overcome that obstacle."

So what is this obstacle that has been so difficult to overcome in past negotiations you might ask? Some might even refer to this obstacle as a burdensome stone. It is without a doubt the attempt by many world leaders to create a Palestinian state and in the process split Jerusalem. Israel refuses to give up East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and the Palestinians insist on having these areas in their future state.

Lately in the news you will find that there has been a very public rally from many leaders from across the globe to just forget the negotiations and unilaterally through the UN declare a state of Palestine. In my opinion this is where this is heading. The world leaders including ours here in the US are laying the groundwork for the appearance that there is no other option, (because of Israels failure to meet their previous agreements ENP,Road Map etc.) but to declare a State of Palestine.

Oh yes a Palestinian state is coming, whether Israel likes it or not.

Stay Tuned



Exclusive: U.S. vows to assign blame if Israel-PA talks fail

The United States government has committed to playing a role in indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and promised that if the talks were to fail, the U.S. will assign blame and take action, according to a document sent by the U.S. to the Palestinian Authority, which Haaretz obtained on Friday.

The U.S. government sent the document to the Palestinians responding to their inquires regarding the U.S. initiative to launch indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

"We expect both parties to act seriously and in good faith. If one side, in our judgment, is not living up to our expectations, we will make our concerns clear and we will act accordingly to overcome that obstacle," it was written.

This commitment by the U.S. was a determining factor in the Palestinians' and the Arab League's decision to agree to the U.S. proposal on indirect talks.

The document also reveals that U.S. involvement will include "sharing messages between the parties and offering our own ideas and bridging proposals."

The U.S. also emphasized that their main concern is establishing a Palestinian state.

"Our core remains a viable, independent and sovereign Palestinian State with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967," the document read.

Regarding the settlements, the U.S. noted its continued commitment to the road map, which dictates that Israel must freeze all construction in the settlements, and dismantle all outposts erected since March 2001.

"Palestinian leaders gave the U.S. response a warm welcome"

A prominent Palestinian official told Haaretz that the Palestinian leadership welcomed the U.S. response, and the only reason PA President Mahmoud Abbas delayed responding to the U.S. initially was so he could receive support from the Arab League.

The Palestinians are especially satisfied from the U.S. commitment to put the blame on the side responsible if the talks fail.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

EU High Court Rules that Judea and Samaria are not a Part of Israel

Curt Here...

Today the EU High Court ruled that Judea and Samaria are not part of Israel so therefore Israeli goods manufactured in Judea and Samaria will now be subject to EU import duties. Under current EU agreements with both Israel and the Palestinians, products manufactured in each location are not subject to custom duties. To be clear the court stated that EU's agreement with Israel, "applies to the territory of the State of Israel" while the one with the PA applies to "the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."

The implications of this ruling are clear and another stepping stone down the prophetic path. The EU High Court has ruled loud and clear that Israel has no legal standing in Judea and Samaria and these areas are not part of the nation of Israel. It can be certain that this ruling will be used against Israel and for the Palestinians at the UN, where the push for the Palestinians to unilaterally declare statehood grows by the day. You see, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are areas that the Palestinians want for their future State and the world agrees.

I believe that this needs to be watched very closely as scripture seems to indicate that at the midpoint of the 70Th week when the Abomination of Desolation occurs that those in Judea and Samaria must then flee to the mountains. Here is the scripture for you to review.

Mathew 24:15-16
15. "Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),
16. then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains.

Is it a coincidence that this area that is discussed in Mathew 24 seems to continuously be in the news? Could this event occur soon? I have to be honest, I don't know and sometimes I really doubt whether we are that close, but the daily headlines have me paying attention.

Stay Tuned



EU Court Opens Door to Customs on Judea and Samaria Products

( The European Union High Court ruled Thursday that Judea and Samaria are not a part of Israel, and Israeli goods made there are therefore subject to EU import duties.

The ruling determined that Israel has no standing in the Biblical heartland and opens the door to EU import duties on Israeli goods from Judea and Samaria, which would make those products less competitive. The EU has signed accords with both Israel and the Palestinian Authority and presently does not levy customs duties from either.

The court said the EU's agreement with Israel "applies to the territory of the State of Israel" while the one with the PA applies to "the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip," according to Associated Press.

Thursday's ruling stems from a German case filed by Brita, a German company that imports soft-drink-making machines from Soda-Club Ltd., an Israeli company based in Mishor Adumim, in the Binyamin region. Brita had asked German customs authorities not to charge it import duties, but the authorities rejected the request. On appeal, a Hamburg appeal court asked the Court of Justice of the European Union for its opinion.

'Political decision'
Industrialists' Federation President Shraga Brosh said that the EU decision to levy customs on goods made in Judea and Samaria is more political than economic in nature. He added that it would be better if the EU focused on advancing economic cooperation between Israel and the PA, instead of being dragged into “disputed legal-diplomatic interpretations,” as he put it.

The court decision “surprised nobody,” IDF Radio quoted a Foreign Ministry source as saying Thursday. “Israel regrets that the ruling legitimizes the campaign against Israeli products made in Judea and Samaria, and is a continuation of the political European campaign against the settlements,” the source added.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Greece Loses EU Voting Power in Blow to Sovereignty

Curt Here...

Today the European Union suspended Greece of its voting rights for a crucial meeting that will occur next month. The council of EU finance ministers took it a step further by stating that if Greece did not comply with their demand of cutting government spending and getting their unsustainable debt under control then Greece could lose control over its own tax and spend policies altogether.

As the article states below, by losing the right to vote at the next meeting it is a huge loss of sovereignty for the nation of Greece and a huge sign pointing towards where things are headed in the EU. This clearly points in the near future towards more centralized economic power in Brussels over the entire EU neighborhood and I believe it pushes us farther down the prophetic path.

Greece is also an important country to watch as they are one of the ten WEU nations. If the ten WEU nations are the ten horns of the final beast as described in Daniel 7, then we know at some point the little horn (anti-christ) that rises up after the ten will uproot three horns. I have often thought or speculated that these three horns would be uprooted through military means, could it be economic?

Stay Tuned



Greece loses EU voting power in blow to sovereignty

The European Union has shown its righteous wrath by stripping Greece of its vote at a crucial meeting next month, the worst humiliation ever suffered by an EU member state.

The council of EU finance ministers said Athens must comply with austerity demands by March 16 or lose control over its own tax and spend policies altogether. It if fails to do so, the EU will itself impose cuts under the draconian Article 126.9 of the Lisbon Treaty in what would amount to economic suzerainty.

While the symbolic move to suspend Greece of its voting rights at one meeting makes no practical difference, it marks a constitutional watershed and represents a crushing loss of sovereignty.

"We certainly won't let them off the hook," said Austria's finance minister, Josef Proll, echoing views shared by colleagues in Northern Europe. Some German officials have called for Greece to be denied a vote in all EU matter until it emerges from "receivership".

The EU has still refused to reveal details of how it might help Greece raise €30bn (£26bn) from global debt markets by the end of June. Investors are unsure whether this is part of Kabuki play of "constructive ambiguity" to pressure Greece and keep markets guessing, or reflects the deep reluctance by Germany to be drawn deeper in an EU fiscal union. Greek bonds sold off as ten-year yields jumped to 6.42pc, but the euro rallied to $1.3765 against the dollar as broader issues resurfaced in currency markets.

Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the Eurogroup, hinted that ministers have already agreed on a support mechanism, should it be necessary. It will most likely involve by bilateral aid by eurozone states. He said proposals for an IMF bailout - backed by Britain - were "absurd" and would shatter the credibility of monetary union.

Many Germans disagree, including Otmar Issing, once the backbone of the European Central Bank. He said an EU rescue for Greece would be fatal, arguing that unflinching rigour is the only way to hold monetary union together without political union.

Tuesday's EU verdict amounted to a thumbs down on Greece's earlier austerity efforts, viewed as too reliant on one-off measures and too light on spending cuts. Greece must reduce its deficit from 12.7pc of GDP to 3pc in three years. Greek customs officials expressed their anger by kicking off a three-day strike, the first of many stoppages set to culminate in a general strike next week.

However, premier George Papandreou has won support from key political parties and a majority of the people. Greece may yet surprise critics by mustering its Spartan Spirit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Europe's Choice: Dismantle The Euro, Or Cede All National Sovereignty To Brussels

Curt Here...

The recent economic crisis in the EU and especially in the country of Greece has shed some serious light on some of the fundamental problems of the current setup of the EU post Lisbon Treaty. The Euro, currently is the single monetary authority across the EU, but in each country within the EU the political systems are different and the individual government economic objectives vary.

Because of the single monetary authority the value of the Euro is the same for all EU countries, which means that no matter how good or bad the individual countries economic policy's are, all are forced to live with the problems. This would include the very high government debt that Greece, Portugal, Spain and several other countries have accumulated.

As the article below details, this leaves the EU with just a few options and if we are close to the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, then in my opinion only one solution will be available to avoid a full economic collapse within the EU. This solution is to cede all national sovereignty to Brussels under a seat of real centralized authority and harmoniz all of individual economic policy's for all of Europe into one policy. This is the perfect setup and breeding ground for the rise of the anti-christ and the mark of the beast. Look for this idea to gain ground as the economic crisis in Europe continues to spiral out of control.

Stay Tuned



Europe's Choice: Dismantle The Euro, Or Cede All National Sovereignty To Brussels

Joe Weisenthal Feb. 9, 2010, 6:12 AM

We said in early December that the Euro breakup would be the story of 2010, and just over a month in that prediction has shown to be right on. It's even overshadowing (by far) concerns over a China bubble, or at least a China slowdown.

A piece in Der Spiegel highlights the real problem that Europe faces. It's not just debt. It's politics.

As the early euro-skeptics warned, coordinating a single monetary authority across nations with their own political systems and economic objectives wouldn't work. The founders of the euro actually knew this, but they they thought they could cheat by imposing deficit limits on each country, which were stipulated in the Maastricht Treaty.

The (wishful) thinking was that as long as countries weren't allowed to run up ginormous deficits on their own, then it didn't much matter what policies they took on their own. Everything else would be fine.

That's obviously not proven to be the case. There are other kinds of bad decisions a country can go in besides merely running up big debts.

So that leaves Europe with two real solutions:

1. Breakup.

2. Turn Brussels into a seat of real centralized authority that mandates uniformity of economic policy across Euroland.

Neither, obviously, is politically appealing.

But for big-time Euro-skeptics, like UK journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who warned about dire consequences for British sovereignty if it joined the union, now is the time for big-time vindication.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creation groaning for Christ's Return

Mike here ...

As the news and images from Haiti first hit my electronic screens my heart ached for a group of people already struggling to survive everyday having yet another challenge to overcome.

As believers we should take care to watch our thought process and conclusions we draw as to why these natural disasters even happen.

We can take so many approaches in our attempt to make since of a catastrophic event like this.

I was reminded of an interesting scripture found in Romans 8

18For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

19For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

20For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope

21that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

22For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.

23And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.

verse 22 tells us that all of creation groans and suffers the birth pain of Christ's return.

Continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will use the devastation of Haiti to call believers closer to our savior and that we can all see His hand in even difficult to understand situations.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sanhedrin Calling World to Pesach Sacrifice

Curt Here...

Hello everyone.

Life for me lately has gotten very hectic, and has limited the amount of time I have been able to devote to blogging. Having said that there has been some very significant prophetic news that has broken over the last few weeks. This blog entry is an attempt on my part to report on it all under one post. As it turns out, since it broke over a couple week period of time, it is kind of nice to be able to summarize it all under this one post and it really helps bring home how significant this could be.

A couple of weeks ago, a poster by the name of Adamantine over at posted a link to a website (you can find it here.. ( ) put up by the recently reestablished (2004) Sanhedrin inviting the word to participate in what they called the "Sanhedrin Initiative" this Passover in Jerusalem. Here is an insert from their home page.

This year in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin Initiative is calling upon the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world to participate in the Korban Pesach. The Sanhedrin Initiative will choose sheep to be offered in the Korban Pesach, and all preparations will be made in the expectation that we can renew this ancient, traditional offering. In the event that political or other obstacles intervene, the Sanhedrin Initiative has taken halakhic precautions to ensure that the monies for purchasing the sheep can still be used for charitable donations.

Any person wishing to participate in the Korban Pesach can enroll himself and members of his family for the price of seven shekels per person --the estimated cost of a Kezayit of meat, the minimum portion necessary for fulfilling the commandment. The process will be supervised by licensed accountants, whether the monies will be used for the original purpose or will be donated to charity.

In case you were wondering the Korban Pesach is the sacrifice of Passover also known as the "Paschal Lamb." It is the sacrifice that the Torah mandates to be brought on the eve of Passover.

This of course is big news by itself, but when you put it together with an announcement that was made by the Temple Institute around Christmas time, it could be potentially huge. On Christmas day the Temple Institute announced that the construction of the sacrificial altar had been completed. If you have been following this blog, than you are aware that back in July I posted that the Temple Institute had started construction on the sacrificial altar (you can read about that here... ). It has now officially been completed. Here is a link to that story... , which I would encourage you to read, but I have posted a picture of this altar for your viewing. This altar has officially been ruled as Kosher and has been constructed to meet the exact specifications that are required to except sacrifices.

So after digesting this information, a lot of questions come to mind. Since it appears as if the Sanhedrin are really going to attempt to start sacrifices this Passover season, then are they going to use this newly constructed altar? What about the Temple, it is not built yet, do they need it? Fortunately another poster by the name of made4eternity at Fulfilled Prophecy had the guts to email the Sanhedrin directly and ask them these questions along with a few others and to my surprise they answered. Below is a copy of the questions and answers to that email.

Question: Do you intend to use the newly built alter? I understand it is mobile. I have also heard that other tools have been prepared for use.

Sanhedrin’s response: Yes

Question: Another very important question I would love to know, do you intend to erect any kind of tent or portable Tabernacle?

Sanhedrin’s response:
No need for a tent. The sky is enough. But every step is depended on the permition of the secular government of Israel. Mean while the government is afraid from the Arabs. And afraid of changing the Jews attitude to the religion following such act.

Question: Surely the Israeli government will soon realize nothing will appease the Arabs and it is time to move forward in Israel's best interest?

Sanhedrin's response:
There is a difference between the state ISRAEL and the nation ISRAEL. The state Israel is a state of 2/3 Jews 1/3 non-Jewish the majority of this 1/3 are hating the nation ISRAEL. About 1/3 of the Jews are assimilated Jews who reject in some way their Jewish identity and they are behaving like traitors (This is a result of the long time being spread among Non-Jewish – 2000 years). To this balance add the international pressure which is operated on Israel only, because Israel is not a mad state, and Israel is Of Jews which means beat again the Jews, and Israel has not oil, and what remain from the Jewish nation is 14,000,000 persons instead of 500,000,000 persons (if not the continues holocausts during 2000 years), and because the Muslims are counted 1,500,000,000 and their political power is very great, and the pope (That leads more or less another 1,500,000,000 persons) wants, silently behind the walls, continuously, to erase Israel from the earth because it's existence made theological problem to Christianity, and the leadership of the Israeli state does not claim the right for Israel because it was s gift from G-D but uses secular reasoning (because it is a secular leadership) that are useless. All these together means that the government of Israel is not reacting well against outside pressure and from time to time it's relation toward Jews worst than it happened to Jews in another country.

Question: Regarding the Temple, is it already built and ready to be transferred to the Temple Mount?

Sanhedrin's response: No

Question: If not, will it take long to build?

Sanhedrin's response:
Depending upon the resources that will be invested in the project. According the existing technology it may be finished during 3 months.

Question: Or, do you have a tent/tabernacle such as was used in the wilderness in the days of Moses?

Sanhedrin's response:
No tent will be constructed! It is contradictory to the Torah. The tent of Moses was a temporary unique event in history.

You can find this here...

Let me try to quickly tie this altogether. This blog has been following a seven year agreement between the EU and Israel called the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). It was officially agreed to on October 24, 2006 and it went into effect on January 1st, 2007. Passover season this year starts on March 30th and goes through April 4th (Easter). Quick math on this shows that this passover season is 42 months from October 24, 2006. 42 months from January 1st, 2007 would be around the June, July time frame of this summer. We know from scripture (Daniel 9:27) that in the middle of the 70th week (42 months) the Anti-Christ will put a stop to sacrifices. He will also walk into the Temple of God and display himself as being God.

Daniel 9:27
27. "And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate."

2 Thess 2:4
4. who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.

In order for the above scriptures to be fulfilled the Korban Pesach sacrifice must at some point start again and for the ENP theory that I have been watching to have any chance of being true this must happen very soon. Is this the year? Are we really that close? Absolutely mind boggling if it is.

Stay Tuned


Monday, January 18, 2010

WEU Document Recomends a Forced Peace Agreement

Curt Here...

Thanks to Adamantine, a poster over at for finding what I believe to be a very important document put out by the Western European Union (WEU). This document, (you can find it here... is dated December 2nd, 2009 and is numbered Recommendation 843 and titled "European security and the Middle East." I believe it details the WEU's plans to work towards a forced peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Here are a couple of quotes for your consideration.

12. Envisage the option of the international community putting a solution on the table if the parties concerned in the Middle East cannot make further headway.

The two-state solution is the only one that can resolve that dilemma once and for all: yet things have become so complex that the prospect of such an outcome is looking more remote than ever. The division of the Palestinian territory, the occupation of the West Bank and the opposition between Fatah and Hamas and slim chances of reconciliation all serve to complicate the prospect of a Palestinian state.

Yet without it there can be no viable Israeli state and no lasting peace. So it would seem that the only possibility, the one people are hoping for, is a political decision imposed from the outside.

Peace in this region and in this part of the Middle East will depend on a decision from outside it. It will, in other words, be a solution imposed by the international community and guaranteed by the United Nations. A precondition for peace is the recognition of a sovereign and viable Palestinian state. The situation is tragic, but the logic is simple: it is in Europe's interests, in concert with the United States, to take rapid and resolute action to arrive, after 60 years, at a peaceful settlement.

From these quotes I think this is what could happen soon. A resolution would be introduced at the UN declaring a Palestinian state. This resolution will get the approval of the international community and pass the UN security council. It will then be enforced on the ground by the EU. This resolution will be a two state solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of the new state of Palestine. Judea, the West Bank and the Temple Mount will all be part of this new state. Israel of course will not agree to this and will fight it setting up the prophetic scenario we see in scripture.

I of course could be wrong, but documents like this give us very good reason to watch very carefully over the next few months.

Stay Tuned


Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Marvelous How Wonderful

Chris Tomlin Lyrics
"Chris Tomlin I Stand Amazed (how Marvelous) lyrics"

I stand amazed in the presence
Of Jesus the Nazarene,
And wonder how He could love me,
A sinner, condemned, unclean.

O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
Is my Savior's love for me!

He took my sins and my sorrows,
He made them His very own;
He bore the burden to Calvary,
And suffered and died alone.

When with the ransomed in glory
His face I at last shall see,
’Twill be my joy through the ages
To sing of His love for me.

Have a good Sunday everyone.


Friday, January 8, 2010

US Special Envoy George Mitchell Threatens Israel with Sanctions

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Happy New Year everyone. I wish I had better news to be reporting on, but I don't.

According to the article posted below US special envoy George Mithell has threatened the state of Israel with sanctions, which would include cutting off American financial aid, if Israel fails to advance peace talks and make progress towards a two-state solution. Mitchell, with the help of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are trying to convince Israel to resume peace talks immediately without preconditions.

My immediate observation of this news is that the US and the world are getting very impatient with the lack of peace in the Middle East, and because of their lack of patience they are trying to force peace on the region. The obvious question to me is, what has changed over the last few months in the positions of Israel or the Palestinians that would allow peace to occur? The Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as state and they demand East Jerusalem as their future capital. Israel refuses to give up East Jerusalem, they will not stop settlement construction in the West Bank and Israel refuses to seriously negotiate with a people that will not acknowledge their right to exist. These are all deal breakers for both sides.

Something has to give, and I honestly don't see either side giving in on their demands. When the world leaders realize this and there is no patience left, that is when the fireworks start. My guess is this could happen much sooner than many think.

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Mitchell: Mideast stagnation endangers US aid

On eve of visit to region, American special envoy threatens Israel with sanctions if it fails to advance peace talks, two-state solution. Secretary of State Clinton says working to restart negotiations 'without preconditions'

WASHINGTON – On the eve of his visit to the Middle East, US special envoy George Mitchell threatened that his country would freeze its aid to Israel if the Jewish state failed to advance peace talks with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.

Mitchell clarified in an interview to the PBS network that the United States would use incentives or sanctions against both sides.

According to American law, Mitchell said, the US can freeze its support for aid to Israel. He added that all options must remain open and that the sides must be convinced about what their important interests are.

The US envoy noted that some progress had been made and that his country would continue its efforts to resume the negotiations.

The American guarantees allow Israel to raise funds at low interest rates and improve the Jewish state's credit rating. The last time the US threatened to freeze the guarantees was during the term of President George Bush Sr. and former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.

Ahead of Mitchell's visit, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held talks Friday with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh and Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. Egyptian Intelligence Minister Omar Suleiman is also in Washington.

Clinton's aim is to recruit Egypt to host a possible meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in which a resumption of direct negotiations will be declared.

The secretary of state Hillary Clinton said after meeting with her Jordanian counterpart that she was working to restart peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis "without preconditions."

"We are working with the Israelis, the (Palestinian Authority), and the Arab states to take the steps needed to relaunch the negotiations as soon as possible and without preconditions," she said.

Clinton and Judeh said that resolving those matters first would eliminate Palestinian concerns about continued construction of Jewish settlements in disputed areas. They said negotiations should begin as soon as possible and be bound by deadlines.

"Resolving borders resolves settlements, resolving Jerusalem resolves settlements," Clinton said after meeting Judeh at the State Department. "I think we need to lift our sights and instead of being looking down at the trees, we need to look at the forest."

Peace efforts in the past have tended to focus on broader issues, including settlements, the fate of Palestinian refugees and water, with even more contentious matters like borders and Jerusalem being left for so-called "final status" talks.

"If you resolve the question of borders then you automatically resolve not only settlements and Jerusalem but you identify the nature on the ground of the two-state solution and (what) it looks like," Judeh said.

Both Clinton and Judeh spoke out against new Israeli housing construction in east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim as their capital, saying it was damaging to the process.

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