Friday, July 2, 2010

'Egyptian FM: Arab League Will Establish Palestinian State'

Curt Here...

Happy 4Th of July everyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday celebrating the birth of our nation.

According to the articles posted below it appears as if we could be seeing real fireworks in the Middle East soon. Egyptian FM Abu Al-Rit and the rest of the Arab League are growing very impatient on the lack of progress in the push for peace in the Middle East. He said that if progress is not made by September than the Arab League will declare a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as it's capital.

Meanwhile, President Obama is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu early next week to discuss the lack of progress that is being made in the push for a two state solution. These meetings have been described as very important towards determining the future of the region. The way I am reading this article and others it almost sounds like this may be the last chance for Israel to be involved in the negotiations in the creation of a Palestinian State.

Like I have said in many other posts on this blog, the world is bent on the creation of Palestinian State and I believe it is going to occur whether Israel likes it or not. Israel has tried, successfully up to this point, to avoid such an outcome, but I think time is running out and the world is running out of patience. Israel of course will not give in and give up East Jerusalem and so in my mind there will be no other alternative, but conflict. I believe this conflict will launch all of the prophetic happenings of the end times and it appears as if the beginnings of this could be just right around the corner.

I currently am watching the month of July very closely as I believe this is the last month that the seven year ENP agreement can be the seven year covenant with many. After July is over, this theory in my mind will be ruled invalid. So keep watching and stay tuned.



'Egyptian FM: Arab League will establish Palestinian State'

Egyptian Foreign Minister Abu Al-Rit said that if there is no progress in proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians, the Arab League's security council may establish a Palestinian State, Israel Radio reported on Friday.

Al-Rit reportedly said at the conference of Palestinian donor states in Paris that the Arab League will wait until September, and if the situation does not change, the League will declare a Palestinian State in 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.


Official: PM-Obama talks to determine region's future

Netanyahu's senior advisors leave for Cairo ahead of his visit to Washington next week, in light of Egypt's influence on Palestinian President Abbas. 'This time, the talks with President Obama on the Palestinian issue are more important than ever,' state official says.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's senior advisor's, Yitzhak Molcho and Uzi Arad, are expected to leave for Cairo on Sunday for meetings with senior Egyptian officials ahead of Netanyahu's meeting with US President Barack Obama in Washington next week.

"This time, the talks with President Obama on the Palestinian issue are more important than ever," a senior state official in Jerusalem said Friday morning. "They will determine the future of the process in the region."

Arad, the prime minister's national security advisor, and Molcho, Netanyahu's special emissary on Palestinian issues, are scheduled to meet with Egyptian Information Minister Omar Suleiman due to the great importance Israel sees in the Egyptian involvement in the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

Jerusalem officials estimated that Netanyahu-Obama meeting on Tuesday would be important for the possibility of launching direct negotiations.

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AgabaC said...

June somehow, is the last month to complete half the ENP Term period, and their Mid Term Review is nowhere soon in planning.
ted Montgomery had almost convinced me but time itself has testified, that the ENP is NOT Daniel's 70th Week and Javier Solana is not the AC. The Enemy has so many counterfeits of prophecy!

Though, indeed, the rapid fulfillment of End Time Prophecy looks to be around the corner...

1. We get outta here and go home.
2. Gog/Magog
3. The AC and his decisions with the Outer Court of the Jerusalem Temple area for the Interfaith One-World-Religion and Government, the Temple Reconstruction and the 70th Week.

Anonymous said...

Curt -

Please don't allow the recent passing of supposed deadlines for the ENP to squelch your blog postings. I have enjoyed your past entries and anxiously look forward to reading many more of them. We are too near the return of our Lord to become silent over a timing issue.
God bless you!

the70thweek said...


Thanks for your kind words.

I would agree, we are too close to the return of Christ to be silent over a timing issue.

I have not quit watching, (but I am trying to recharge a little) and I will be posting again very soon.

Thanks for the encouragement.