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WEU Document Recomends a Forced Peace Agreement

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Thanks to Adamantine, a poster over at for finding what I believe to be a very important document put out by the Western European Union (WEU). This document, (you can find it here... is dated December 2nd, 2009 and is numbered Recommendation 843 and titled "European security and the Middle East." I believe it details the WEU's plans to work towards a forced peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Here are a couple of quotes for your consideration.

12. Envisage the option of the international community putting a solution on the table if the parties concerned in the Middle East cannot make further headway.

The two-state solution is the only one that can resolve that dilemma once and for all: yet things have become so complex that the prospect of such an outcome is looking more remote than ever. The division of the Palestinian territory, the occupation of the West Bank and the opposition between Fatah and Hamas and slim chances of reconciliation all serve to complicate the prospect of a Palestinian state.

Yet without it there can be no viable Israeli state and no lasting peace. So it would seem that the only possibility, the one people are hoping for, is a political decision imposed from the outside.

Peace in this region and in this part of the Middle East will depend on a decision from outside it. It will, in other words, be a solution imposed by the international community and guaranteed by the United Nations. A precondition for peace is the recognition of a sovereign and viable Palestinian state. The situation is tragic, but the logic is simple: it is in Europe's interests, in concert with the United States, to take rapid and resolute action to arrive, after 60 years, at a peaceful settlement.

From these quotes I think this is what could happen soon. A resolution would be introduced at the UN declaring a Palestinian state. This resolution will get the approval of the international community and pass the UN security council. It will then be enforced on the ground by the EU. This resolution will be a two state solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of the new state of Palestine. Judea, the West Bank and the Temple Mount will all be part of this new state. Israel of course will not agree to this and will fight it setting up the prophetic scenario we see in scripture.

I of course could be wrong, but documents like this give us very good reason to watch very carefully over the next few months.

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