Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to You, Israel 62

Curt Here...

Today marked the beginning of celebrations for Israel's 62ND birthday and the message from Prime Minister Netanyahu was clear. In a speech marking the event, Netanyahu stated that no matter how much pressure President Obama or any other world leader puts on the State of Israel to submit to the worlds demands to a two state solution, the city of Jerusalem is not up for grabs.

This of course is counter to what the surrounding Arab nations and the rest of the world leaders are requiring to establish a Palestinian state. They want Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and will not let up until they achieve this goal. This problem will not be negotiated away, no matter what many leaders are saying, and lately many are openly suggesting that this impasse will lead to war, sooner rather than later.

As I sit by and watch the news, and get increasingly frustrated with what I am reading and at the same time watch as the ENP theory that this website and many others have been reporting on seems to not be progressing as I thought it might, I have to ask myself what is going on? I am having a hard time making sense of it all. The world is clearly showing signs of our Saviors return, with many large earthquakes, volcanoes, economic turmoil, progress towards a resumption of animal sacrifices in Israel, the world gathering against Israel and so many other signs and yet prophetically we seem to be standing still.

Even with all of these signs it is obvious that I don't know for sure how or when it is all going to play out, nor do any of us. So what do we do? I have asked this question of myself now for the last couple of weeks and the answer that I believe the Lord has lead me to is that we are to get our personal house in order, tell others about Him, watch for His return and occupy until He comes.

This is all we can do.

Stay Tuned.



Happy Birthday to You, Israel 62

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu kicked off Israel’s 62nd birthday as a modern state with a clear message to the world that the united city of Jerusalem is not up for grabs. The same theme was pounded home by Knesset Speaker and veteran leader Reuven Rivlin.

The holiday began with traditional torch lighting ceremonies, the most prominent being at Har Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem. Those who were given the honor to light the torches included 91-year-old Sarah Shpechner, 91, who was a Palmach parachutist in Europe during the Nazi occupation.

Former IDF colonel Tzvi Levanon, now age 79 and director of the HaGanah Veterans Association, 84-year-old Avraham Greenzeid, who fought the Nazis as an officer in the Soviet Red army, and Ethiopian immigrant and IDF officer Major Doctor Avraham Yitzchak, also were among the torch lighters.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released statement that referred to the capital, stating that “We are here because this is our land. We've returned to our land, to our city - Jerusalem - because this is our land; this is our city.”

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Cindy said...

Yes, Curt, a couple of years ago I sensed the Lord telling me those things also. Including lifting to our Lord's Throne our friends, family who are being swept along in the increasing apostasy - yet don't want to hear or talk about Jesus Christ or His Truth.
The special promise in Revelation 5:8 and 8:3,4 that the Lord holds our prayers before Him with precious incense - our sacrifice - and I believe that means He answers - He will deliver those we ask for!

1 more thing it seemed the Lord answered last year when I was asking "how long?" was as in the days of Lot and Noah - man's darkest sins will be in our faces. It is in some places, but many places we are still separated to some degree from it being "in our faces" such as Lot and Noah experienced. That is getting closer all the time fueled by the great falling away. It will get very dark and ugly worldwide to allow the man of sin to enter.

The Lord has given us this time to learn Him more,His promises, call on Jesus more, pour out our hearts b/4 Him like water, learn to trust Him and His timing and memorize His Word to prepare for the approaching of the darkest time in man's history.
Pray for all the Lord places on your heart. He alone is faithful to deliver.

Jay said...

Curt - agreed about what we are to be doing in this time. also helpful to remember that even if we did see things happening, we are powerless to stop them, so we would still be best off doing the same thing - getting our house in order and going about our God-given duties. :)

Btw, even as the ENP has seemed to subside, what about the MU (Med. Union)? I remember reading an article somewhere pointing out that there were 10 key countries involved in that, 5 in Southern Europe, 5 in North Africa. Dunno if that's the case, and having trouble finding such info again, but it might be worth looking into. That is more in line with the Roman Empire of old though, maybe even more than the WEU/BTP was/is. Will be interesting to see what happens.