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Temple Institute to Build Sacrificial Altar

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The article posted below details some very interesting news. It says that the Temple Institute will begin construction of the sacrificial altar tomorrow. Tomorrow, which is Tisha B'av, is the day that the Jews mourn the destruction of the Temple. This destruction occurred almost 2,000 years ago in 70 AD.

This altar that they are going to build would be built according to Jewish sacrificial regulations and when completed would be ready for the numerous voluntary and obligatory sacrifices that similarly occurred during the Old Testament days. This altar would then be moved into the new Jewish Temple if and when it is completed.

Obviously this could be huge prophetic news and in light of a scripture from the book of Ezra, sacrifices on this altar could occur before the Temple is built. Here is the scripture for your consideration.

Ezra 3:1-6

1. Now when the seventh month came, and the sons of Israel were in the cities, the people gathered together as one man to Jerusalem.
2. Then Jeshua the son of Jozadak and his brothers the priests, and Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel and his brothers arose and built the altar of the God of Israel to offer burnt offerings on it, as it is written in the law of Moses, the man of God.
3. So they set up the altar on its foundation, for they were terrified because of the peoples of the lands; and they offered burnt offerings on it to the LORD, burnt offerings morning and evening.
4. They celebrated the Feast of Booths, as it is written, and offered the fixed number of burnt offerings daily, according to the ordinance, as each day required;
5. and afterward there was a continual burnt offering, also for the new moons and for all the fixed festivals of the LORD that were consecrated, and from everyone who offered a freewill offering to the LORD.
6. From the first day of the seventh month they began to offer burnt offerings to the LORD, but the foundation of the temple of the LORD had not been laid.

As you can see in Ezra the sacrifices on the altar occurred before the foundation of the Temple had been laid. This shows me that this could easily occur again today. If in fact they do build this altar we could be getting very close to daily sacrifices starting.

This is very important in light of what this blog has been watching (ENP).

Daniel 9:27

27. "And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate."

In the middle of the 70th week of Daniel the Anti-Christ puts a stop to sacrifice and grain offering. Obviously for him to put a stop to it, it has to begin. Could this be the beginning of that fulfillment?

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The Temple Institute will begin building the sacrificial altar on Thursday, Tisha B’av, a fast day when Jews mourn the destruction of the Temple some 2,000 years ago.

The sacrificial altar was located in the center of the Temple, and upon it the Kohanim (priests) offered the numerous voluntary and obligatory sacrifices commanded in the Bible.

The Temple Institute, which has already built many of the vessels for the Holy Temple, such as the ark and the menorah, has now embarked on a project to build the altar. Construction begins Thursday in Mitzpe Yericho (east of Jerusalem) at 5:30 p.m.

“Unfortunately, we cannot currently build the altar in its proper place, on the Temple Mount,” Temple Institute director Yehudah Glick said. “We are building an altar of the minimum possible size so that we will be able to transport it to the Temple when it is rebuilt."

Even a minimum size altar will work out to be approximately 2 meters tall, 3 meters long, and 3 meters wide. Workers have collected around 10 cubic meters of rocks weighing several tons already.

The rocks were gathered from the Dead Sea area and wrapped individually to assure they remain whole and are not touched by metal, as the Bible requires.

“The Torah says that no iron tools should be used on the altar’s stones,” Glick explained. “The altar represents a connection to life and to the creation of the world. Iron is the opposite – it is used to build tools of war, death, and destruction.”

The stones will be cemented together with a mixture of sand, clay, tar, and asphalt. Researchers from the Temple Institute visited the Finish glass factory near Yerucham to learn how to create a mixture which would remain as cool as possible under the altar’s unremitting fires and protect the Kohanim, who always worked in the Temple barefoot

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff, thanks for your work!

Anonymous said...


In light of this very interesting news, and the common belief that the AC will "break" the covenant in the middle of the week (which I believe is a very bad interpretation of Scripture); I have been wondering if anyone has considered that it is Israel who actually "breaks" the covenant; by performing animal sacrifices?

The covenant I speak of is of course the ENPI - which I believe has a provision in it to protect animal rights. My theory is that the AC puts a stop to the animal sacrifices, that Israel is (illegally) performing; in violation of the rules within the ENPI. The AC will be ENFORCING the rules of the ENPI, which will cause him to make the stop. This may be what is mentioned in Daniel 9:27 - he then subsequently carries out the AOD, shortly thereafter.

This is just a thought that I have had in my mind.

the70thweek said...

Anonymous 9:26

Your thoughts are very much in line with mine.

I would agree that according to the rules in the ENPI that Israel agreed to, animal sacrifices are not permitted. Therefore if they started sacrifices, the AC could come and put a stop to them and enforce their ENPI agreement.

Thanks for the thoughts.


the70thweek said...

Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction The Temple Institute began work on the sacrificial altar Thursday, Tisha B’av, the day the Second Temple was destroyed almost 2,000 years ago.

The Temple Institute has already built several of the Temple vessels such as the Ark and the menorah, and has now embarked on an ambitious project to build the altar, which will ultimately measure 3 meters wide by 3 meters long and 2 meters tall.

During Thursday’s ceremony, which took place in Mitzpe Yericho just east of Jerusalem, the Temple Institute laid the cornerstone for the altar and demonstrated how tar will be used to cement the stones together. The Institute plans on bringing the altar to its proper place on the Temple Mount when the Temple is rebuilt.

“Today, Tisha B’av, is not just a time to mourn the destruction of the Temple,” said Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the head of the Temple Institute. “It is also a time to build.”

Rabbi Ariel thanked the more than 100 people who came to the event despite their fasting for Tisha B’Av, and despite the hot weather. The main force behind the construction of the altar, Yonaton Tzadok, was also on hand to explain why its stones were taken straight from the Dead Sea.

“The altar is supposed to represent going back to our roots, to the time of creation when everything was pure,” he said. “We took rocks from the Dead Sea, where it is likely that they were never touched by human hands.”

During the ceremony, many people who came to watch were surprised when they were invited to take part and pour tar onto the cornerstones. Rabbi Ariel first asked if there were any Kohanim (priests) in the crowd, and asked them start. When a woman requested to join in, Rabbi Ariel said "of course" and emphasized that women are commanded to build the Temple as well.

With the sun setting, Tzadok asked for volunteers to come back another day to help build the altar. “Carrying rocks and pouring tar is a lot of work,” he said. “We could use a few hundred people to help.” More information on the Temple Institute is available at


Anonymous said...

Chris Perver recently carried an article about the Sanhedrin talking with some Muslim author who is probably influential about building the third temple.

D4Christ said...

Anonymous 9:26,

Thank you...I never realized that the scriptures never alluded to anybody, breaking anything...amazing to see how we can read verses year after year, but only receive understanding in YHWH's perfect timing. As a follower of the ENPI and of the late Herb Peters, it makes perfect sense that the AC would stop the sacrfices because it violates the many animal rights statutes written into their policies.

I recently discovered a website by Ted, where he not only discusses the ENP and ENPI in depth, but provides links to all these EU documents. He also links you to an "Action Plan on the Protection and Welfare of Animals" that was adopted in 2006. You can read his site here:

the70thweek said...


Thanks for link to Ted's site.

If others have not visited Ted Montgomery's site, I would definitely recommend it. A very good site, with a ton of really good information.


Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight, herewith a quote from the article you where refering to:

"Even a minimum size altar will work out to be approximately 2 meters tall, 3 meters long, and 3 meters wide. Workers have collected around 10 cubic meters of rocks weighing several tons already."

the70thweek said...

Anon 11:53,

My "facts" came from the original article. They are not mine. It looks as if the original article had the incorrect dimensions and they corrected that and updated the article. I will update my blog to reflect that.