Sunday, July 5, 2009

EU's Solana Announces Retirement for October?

Curt Here...

Hi Everyone, I have been away for a few weeks on vacation, but it is great to be back.

Today Reuters is reporting that the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has said that he will step down in October, when his term expires. He claims to have fulfilled his mandate and has no desire to go any farther.

To say that I am highly skeptical of this actually happening is an understatement. This of course would be completely out of his character, as he has consistently over the years accumulated more and more power for himself. For him to just get up and walk away, seems largely inconsistent with his past actions. My guess is that Javier Solana is making the leadership in Brussels consider what life would be like without him. I would say this though, if in fact Javier Solana does retire into the sunset, never to be heard from again than what I and many others have been watching will have not be the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy. With there still being approximately a year left until the midpoint of the ENP, I am not ready to declare that, as the news changes daily.

In the meantime there is a lot of news out there that support that we are living in the end times, including the upcoming G8 Financial Summit in Italy scheduled for July 8-10, and there are rumors of some sort of peace plan that will be revealed at this summit.

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EU's Solana says to step down in October - report

MADRID, July 5 (Reuters) - European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said in a Spanish press interview on Sunday he will step down in October when his 10-year mandate expires.

"I had a 10-year mandate which I have fulfilled. I do not mean to go any further," the Spaniard told daily ABC.

A representative for Solana in Brussels was not immediately available to confirm the report.


TedN said...

So let's say that Solana does retire ... who has he been grooming as a replacement? I have not noticed anyone in the spotlight with him. Has anyone seen a potential successor? (maybe this clinches the case for a political move for another term)

the70thweek said...

Good thoughts TedN. Someone over at Fulfilled Prophecy posted what Herb Peters said the last time Solana was contemplating retirement, and it sums up very well what I have been thinking.

He said, "Solana's sudden departure would leave quit a vacuum in the world. Is this just a play to get more power or does he really want to retire?"

When we get the answer to that question, it will tell us a lot about the man Solana.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I have heard of another high ranking guy in Italy who is supposed to be in the running as Solana's successor; and his name is Franco Frattini. Everyone should read the limited information on this guy's bio. He is so pro security and homosexual rights.
I do think that Solana will step down though, but they will not find anyone to take his place; then, something big in the world will happen and he will be begged to come back. Solana will then return with even more power than before. Something to think about.

Daniel M.

the70thweek said...


Sorry for taking so long to post your comment TedN. I have had to add a feature called comment moderation for comments on older blog entry's due to some problems on the blog in the past. Sometimes it takes me a few days to realize it. Again my apologies.

Franco Frattini is not a name I have heard of before. I will have to check him out. Thanks for posting his name. I would also tend to agree with you on your assesment of Solana. He will try retire but for whatever reason (emergency, world event etc) he will be asked to come back.