Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mike here....

An article was brought to my attention yesterday that I found interesting.

It is out of China regarding a one world currency.

Here is the article if you are interested.

The one quote that I found most interesting is identified as a goal.

"Set up a settlement system between the SDR and other currencies. Therefore, the SDR, which is now only used between governments and international institutions, could become a widely accepted means of payment in international trade and financial transactions. "

So apparently, governments have already been trading in a "Reserve Currency" and this article encourages the strategy of broadening that to all commerce.

The relevance of China in Biblical Prophesy is a bit fuzzy at best but what I do think is important is to remember that they are holding a large percentage of America's National Debt. I believe that will give them an important "vote" in this discussion of a one world currency. The thing to watch is who is in control of that currency and what are the strings attached to using it.

Keep on shinning to this unbelieving world my fellow believers!

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