Sunday, June 21, 2009

EU Reaches Deal on Lisbon Treaty

Curt Here...

It looks like the EU leadership in Brussels have come to an agreement with the country of Ireland. This new agreement will vastly improve the chances that the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland will pass. This vote in Ireland is scheduled for October of this year. If it passes it will be one of the last hurdles and it could pave the way for the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty by the first of the year.

If the Lisbon Treaty is implemented it will create two new leadership positions within the EU. It will create the position of EU president, and a position called a foreign minister. It is clear from reading the Lisbon Treaty and the job descriptions of each position that the position of foreign minster would be the real position of power within the EU, even though the title of president sounds more powerful. You can read about here.. and here..

Of course the leading candidate for the position of foreign minster is Javier Solana.

I still have serious doubts as to whether or not the Lisbon Treaty will ever be implemented. I don't think that the Lisbon Treaty has to come into effect for the advancement of Biblical prophecy. I say this because Recommendation 666 would give all of power needed to fulfill Biblical Prophecy to one individual in the event of an emergency. You can read about it here...

I guess we will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Stay Tuned


EU Reaches Deal on Lisbon Treaty

Friday's deal in Brussels paving the way forward for a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland is the most important decision taken in Europe this year. The treaty, which will bring widespread reforms to the European Union and give its institutions greater power, could be go into effect before the end of the year.

It is part of the ritual of European Union summits for the leaders of the 27 member states to pat themselves firmly on the back. Each one then explains how proud he or she is of what they were able to achieve for their country.

Friday proved to be no exception, with Chancellor Angela Merkel stating that the planned European financial regulations watch dog had been designed in a way that pleased Germany. She said that there had been "considerable movement" on the part of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has been perceived as a sort of defense attorney for London's bankers.

But Merkel's assessment of the agreement with Ireland over a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was noticeably reserved. In such events, Merkel is usually known for using terms like "historic," but on Friday she spoke of a "further hurdle" being cleared, "no more and no less"

Nevertheless, the compromise is the most important decision taken this year in European policy because it means that, after years of painstaking negotiations, a breakthrough for a new EU may be just around the corner. It is now likely that the Lisbon Treaty will go into effect by the end of the year. Then the EU would get a president, a foreign minister and the role of the European Parliament would be strengthened considerably.

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen announced the referendum would be held during the first week of October. Public opinion polls currently indicate that Irish voters would likely approve the Lisbon Treaty this time around, following their rejection in a first referendum one year ago. Cowen said the European Council had given Ireland "firm legal guarantees" and that he was "confident we now have a solid basis to go to the Irish people and to ask them again for their approval for Ireland to ratify the treaty so that Europe can move on."

The EU has provided guarantees to Ireland that it will remain independent in determining tax policies, military neutrality and abortion law (Ireland has one of Europe's most restrictive abortion policies). The sovereignty guarantees are expected to be anchored in EU law as a treaty protocol in the mid-term future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Curt,

I want to thank you for posting this particular topic.

However, I disagree with your assessement on the Lisbon Treaty. In that you have stated that you don't believe that it has to come into effect to fulfill bible prophecy - as it relates to Recommendation 666.

If you are saying that you indeed believe that Recommendation 666 is a particular segment of bible prophecy, then we would have to look further into what "Position" Recommendation 666 gives power to.

I think that we would both agree that Recommendation 666 gives "Emergency Powers" to the EU's High Representative. What the Lisbon Treaty; if ratified would do, is give the "Position" of the High Representative the final authority and power, that hasn't officially been given yet.

Now let's view that with Revelation 13:5, the situation with the ENP, Javier Solana, and how; if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified - how it just may fit into bible prophecy.

Revelation 13:5 states that: authority and/or power was given to the AC to continue for 3.5 years; or 42 months.

If the ENP is the current "Covenant with Many" and if Javier Solana is given authority to continue in his current position,(High Representative); which does expire in October/November 2009 - then the Lisbon Treaty being ratified could very well be a fulfillment of bible prophecy. In that Solana could very well be given 3.5 additonal years to "continue" his current term.

I find it very ironic that the Lisbon Treaty; which also mentions the position of an EU President - will serve a term no longer than two consecutive terms of 2.5 years.

Who's ever heard of a term of 2.5 years? So would it not be unimaginable for the Foreign Minister (High Represenative)to not have some sort of condition in the Lisbon Treaty; for him/her not to serve more than 3.5 years - which would be consistant with Revelation 13:5; if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified?

In closing, I could be wrong about all this...I just wanted to throw it out there.

the70thweek said...

Hey Anon,

Thanks for your thoughts. You bring up some really good points, and you could be right in your thinking.

Consider this though, in Revelation 17:12-13 it says:

12. "The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour.
13. "These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast.

It says that the ten horns give their power and authority to the beast. It doesn't say 27 horns. If the Lisbon Treaty passes, then in effect it would be the 27 nations that would give authority to the new foreign minister position.

I may be splitting hairs here but IMHO Recommendation 666 comes from the 10 nation WEU and they have essentially given their power to the High Representative in the event of an emergency.

To me this seems to fit the Prophecy better, than the Lisbon Treaty.

I could be wrong also. That is why I am watching, just like you.


Anonymous said...

Nice Anon ,you remind me of my favorite "wall pacer Pastor :)

Most interesting as these are my thoughts exactly,and pray that the closer we come to the mid-way of the ENP we will know what is required of us.

The possibility of Solana "continuing" is an exciting event we are watching and pray that the Lord will continue to allow us to connect the dots.

Adamantine made an interesting comment on FP concerning this,maybe if we call loud "enuff",he may share his thoughts.

This is such a blessing to be able share these exciting times with those that know and understand where we may be in the prophetic time -line!

You guys are in our prayers!

alpengeise said...

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