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Netanyahu Says 'Palestinian State' but Adds Numerous Conditions

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Today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu gave his much anticipated speech about the future of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. This speech was an obvious response to President Obamas speech given last week in Cairo, Egypt.

In that speech President Obama called on Israel to start immediate negotiations towards a two state solution and peace in the Middle East. Today, Netanyahu agreed to do just that, but with some necessary conditions that the Palestinians must meet. One of these conditions is that the Palestinians must recognize the State of Israel.

Asking your enemy who claims to be a partner in peace, that they simply recognize your right to exist is not unreasonable. As a matter of fact, this is a condition that you would expect to be met from a group of people who say they are serious about peace. Simply put by Netanyahu "Even the moderate Palestinians, even now, are unwilling to say the simplest thing: Israel is the state of the Jewish People and it will stay that way. In order to achieve peace one needs courage and honesty on both sides – not just the Israeli side. The Palestinian leadership must recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people.”

This is a brilliant move by Netanyahu. As I have stated in previous blog entry's and it really is no mystery, the Palestinians will absolutely refuse to recognize the State of Israel. With Netanyahu stating that Israel will agree to most of the Palestinians demands including a state of their own, but first, the Palestinians must recognize Israel, it exposes the Palestinians and their true agenda. This agenda has and always will be the destruction of Israel.

I believe the Palestinians were attempting to accomplish this destruction under the guise of peace. Now that this has been exposed, it could very well lead to war and the EU and the rest of the International community forcing Israel to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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Netanyahu Says 'Palestinian State' but Adds Numerous Conditions Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu uttered the words "Palestinian state" in his speech Sunday evening, in a 45-minute speech that mixed tough Zionist statements with talk of peace and conciliation.

“I turn to you, our Palestinian neighbors," he said, "let us start negotiations for peace immediately. I say to you – we want to live with you in peace and good neighborly relations. I want our children will dream of a better future and realize it. That we will put our energy into plowshares and pruning scissors, not swords... I do not want war. No one in Israel wants war. Let us join hands and work at peace. There is no end to the flourishing we can bring to our two nations."

The root of the conflict

"The simple truth," he added however, "is that the root of the conflict is the refusal to accept the Jewish people’s right to exist in its historic homeland. Whoever thinks that the enmity to Israel is the result of our occupying Judea and Samaria is confusing cause and effect." He then enumerated instances of Arab belligerence against the Jews in the Land of Israel before 1967.

The closer we come to a peace the more the Palestinians move away, he said. "Every retreat by us was met with thousands of suicide terror bombings and rockets."

"We vacated the Gaza Strip to the last centimeter and received a rain of missiles on our communities and our children. Hamas and Hizbullah keep saying that their aim is to free Akko, Beersheva and Haifa. Even the moderate Palestinians, even now, are unwilling to say the simplest thing: Israel is the state of the Jewish People and it will stay that way.”

He added: "In order to achieve peace one needs courage and honesty on both sides – not just the Israeli side. The Palestinian leadership must recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people."

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Jim Haer and my wife and I have been on board with the Recommendation 666 tribulation commencement for about 6 to 9 months now.
Of course, even Christians I mention this to think I'm whacked, but I'm not even dogmatic about it, so I don't blame them.
My query or comment is to see what you think about something from Daniel 12. The time intervals set forth there are 1290 and 1335 days. My thinking is that the Temple sacrifices could be much more abbreviated than most think. And the biggest reason for thinking this is that since Christ's blood was the end all for God as the remission of sin, I feel He may not want to put up with 3 1/2 years of new blood sacrifices. So, perhaps the 45 days difference is where the sacrifices start and ends.
Furthermore, (and only time will prove me wrong or right... OK probably wrong!), but I think the Temple construction will be part of some two state agreement and will commence before Spring and be done by May. This will coincide with Feast of Pentecost where I think the Holy Spirit (the One who restrains and came at Pentecost) will be removed (as well as Christians- the Rapture?) and move toward the Great Tribulation. So then, part of the mid-term review of Rec 666 (which would be about 45 days later) will be the dictate by the anti-christ to stop it. You will notice that then everyone is wrong about the Rapture (Pre, Post, Mid) for it would be at Pentecost which by the way does NOT set a specific date for it is the one feast which is knowingly celebrated in an unsure moving date. I think God only knows the real date for Pentecost 2010! So, we can know the time and season... but not the day.
Feel free to shoot holes in this!

the70thweek said...

Hello Jim, and welcome to our little conversation going on here.

Curt and I originally started this blog to do just what you have done here.... float our ideas between each other on how these end time prophecies may be fulfilled.

I'm at work at the moment and want to take some more time to read Daniel 12 again. But I/we will get back to you.

Thanks again for taking the risk of putting your opinion out their. As you know this is not a topic of study that finds much agreement in the world of believers, however my own theory is that God is blesses as we wrestle with these prophesies and earnestly seek Him.


the70thweek said...


I've had the opportunity to re-read Daniel 12 and ponder your theory.

Firs off your right, Daniel 12:11 does list 1,290 days between the regular sacrifice being abolished and the abomination of desolation. in v.12 the 1,335 are identified as a blessing to those who keep waiting and attain. That word attain is the Hebrew word Naga. You can check a concordance, # 5060 in Strongs, the essential meaning is to physically contact something or someone. Certainly has me thinking of the rapture where Christ returns for His bride.

But back to the reference to the days. In my experience this is where interpretation of prophecy and scripture comes to different conclusions from theologians and pastors. I'm not ready to lock in my opinion on what those days are referring too. However, as a note on blood sacrifice. I tend to agree with you that with the New Covenant God may see the legalistic sacrifices to be insulting. That being said, from what I have read and seen via the web the blood sacrifices have been continued in Israel. I have seen videos of chickens being sacrificed in the streets/alleys of Jerusalem as well as a goat being sacrificed near the temple mount. Maybe the stakes get raised when they happen in a rebuilt temple or even a "tent" temple but they are happening on a smaller scale now and have been I imagine for quite sometime.

My last thought to this long blog comment. The New Covenant clearly establishes Christ as the "Way, the Truth and the Light" and our savior. But what does God the father do with the Jewish people who are following the old covenant? Don't get me wrong, I don't believe they are saved through following the law but I do believe that the motivation of the end times is to call non believers to a faith in Christ and a trusting relationship with him. And some even argue the end times are for the Jewish people to have one last chance of "getting" the new covenant.

Curt is on vacation but when he returns I imagine he will have some insights into this as well.

Thanks again for sharing you thoughts. Keep on shinning my brother, however the details fall out Christ is our only hope and all the happenings are to ratify that concept in our lives.