Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Israeli Supreme Court Says No to Korban Pesach

Curt Here...

According to the article posted below, which can be found on the website "Temple Mount Updates," (you can find it here..http://tmount.org/) the Israeli Supreme Court has rejected the petition for the renewal of the Korban Pesach or the Passover Sacrifice. It sounds like the threat of violence from Muslims along with the potential political fallout in foreign relations was enough for the Supreme Court to reject this petition.

We will continue to follow this and many other signs of our Lord's return as they develop.

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News Alert: Israeli Supreme Court says no to Korban Pesach

Sad news has reached the Temple Mount Movements, moments ago it was announced that the Supreme Court has rejected a petition for the renewal of the Korban Pesach (Passover Sacrifice).
Part of the ruling read as follows:

” Indeed, the basic starting point is that every Jew has the right to the Temple Mount and pray there… However, these rights are not absolute and can limit their implementation taking into account public interest… In light of the centrality and importance of the Temple Mount many other religions, too, the danger arising from a flare of violence is not only a local threat… what is happening on the Temple Mount effect political considerations and foreign relations of the state.”
In response various Temple Mount Organizations were quick to reposnd:

“The Land of Israel is acquired through pain, sadly much pain.”

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, Head of Organization for Human Rights on the Temple Mount

“The Heart of every Jew should shudder at this ruling. This ruling is reminiscent of the decree of the evil king of Israel, Yeravam Ben Nevat, who also did not allow the Jewish People to ascend and worship on the Mount”



D4Christ said...

Hi Curt,

So this is my question. Everybody that cites this Court decisions seems to have gotten their info from Tmont.org. But this site is only a blog spot. How come organizations like the Temple Institute or the Temple Mount Faithful don't mention it on their sites. I should at least be able to find a news report of this decision.

I emailed Temple Mount Faithful....hopefully they will confirm whether or not this ruling is true.

the70thweek said...

Hey D4Christ,

Nice to hear from you.

Thanks to an email from fellow watcher Jackie, here is a link to the Temple Institute acknowledging the decision.


From the link...

The Temple Institute has filed a petition on behalf of the entire nation of Israel, demanding the freedom to fulfill the Torah obligation to bring a korban Pesach, (Pascal offering) for slaughter on the Temple Mount. The wording of the petition is as follows:

The command to perform a Paschal [Passover] sacrifice is a positive commandment; the punishment for failing to perform it is 'karet' (spiritually cut off from the people of Israel), and it can be performed only on the day before Passover and only on the Temple Mount.

Jews have the right to offer animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount under Israeli law, the organization claimed. Israelis are guaranteed the right to freedom of worship, and Israel prides itself in allowing members of all faiths to access their holy sites.

The Supreme Court has turned down the petition, citing a violent Moslem reaction for the reason. Click here to learn more.

Go to the link for more info.


D4Christ said...

Hi again Curt,

I just wanted to run this idea by you and see what you think.

One thing I try to not to do over interpret scriptures. So, I read a blog recently where the author stated that Israel was "stopped" from doing their sacrifices. Immediately I went to Strong's and looked up Daniel 9:27 which says;

"...he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease."

Per Strong's cease has several meanings...one of which is to put an end to, remove or rest. This is why many of us believe that sacrifices must begin first before they can be stopped.

But Strong's also defines "cease" as "to cause to FAIL." Which definition is the correct one? We can only make an educated guess. But what if Daniel 9 was saying;

"...he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to fail..."

...As in fail to get permission to complete their sacrifice. More than any other time in history Israel is ready, willing and able to sacrifice on the mount (altar in place, garments ready, structures ready to go up...) Could we see at the midpoint another denial to sacrifice, causing them to fail in their attempts to do so, rather than a sacrifice in progress that is stopped?

Food for thought.

the70thweek said...


That is very interesting. It wouldn't shock me if it played out that way.

Maybe the ENP agreement works in here also as there is a provision in the document for “planned specific actions to improve the protection and welfare of animals,” these are supposed to be in place by the middle of 2010 according to this document posted below.