Thursday, March 18, 2010

Israel Supreme Court Respondes Positively to Korban Pesach Offering

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Thanks to made4eternity over at Fulfilled Prophecy for finding this story.

Potential big news today as it appears as if the Israeli Supreme Court has responded positively to the petition by the Sanhedrin and other Temple Mount groups to their request to offer the pesach offering this passover season. According to the article posted below the high court has given the Israeli government three days to respond to the petition, which if I am understanding correctly means that we might have some sort of ruling by this weekend.

This petition has been made in past years but has always been rejected in the interest of public safety. This appears to be the first time that the high court is seriously considering the request.

It is very hard to say how this going to play out and I am not about to make a prediction on the outcome, but I will say this, if the Israeli government and the Israeli Supreme Court allows Passover sacrifices this year, then the time of our Savior's return is drawing near.

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Big News: Korban Pesach this year?

After 2,000 years of heartfelt prayers the wait might be over!

The Supreme Court has responded positively to a petition by Temple Mount Movements in regard to the special pesach offering! The high court has given the government 3 days to respond to the petition and did not reject the petition outright as was expected.

We will keep you up to date with the case and the final decision of the Supreme Court!


Temple Institute wants to Offer Biblical Passover Sacrifice

( The Temple Mount Institute has filed suit in its fight for the right to sacrifice a sheep on the Temple Mount prior to Passover, as commanded in the Torah.

"The command to perform a Paschal [Passover] sacrifice is a positive commandment; the punishment for failing to perform it is 'karet' [lit. -- 'cut off', meaning that a person is cut off from the Nation of Israel], and it can be performed only on the day before Passover and only on the Temple Mount,” the organization explained in a petition to the Supreme Court. Fighting the group's request are the Israel Police, who argue that the sacrifice would lead to Muslim riots and thus threaten public safety.

Jews have the right to offer animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount under Israeli law, the organization claimed. Israelis are guaranteed the right to freedom of worship, and Israel prides itself in allowing members of all faiths to access their holy sites.

In previous years, the court has ruled that the right to freedom of worship is outweighed by the consideration of public safety, and has forbidden the Paschal sacrifice.

The Temple Mount Institute also took the opportunity to take police to task for barring Jews and Christians from the Temple Mount following Muslim riots. “The Israel Police is giving rioters a 'prize' and encouraging them to hold violent riots and disturb the peace, on the one hand, and is discriminating against Jews and members of other faiths and trampling their human rights – the right to freedom of movement and freedom of worship – on the other,” the organization accused.
The Institute asked the court to order police to explain why Jews are barred from the mount when Muslims riot.


the70thweek said...

Excitement growing for Passover Offering 2010!

According to reports from activists in the field unprecedented number of people are signing up to take part in the Passover Offering. According to biblical law the Paschal Lamb must be eaten on Passover night in a group of no less than 10, known as a “Chabura”. To great surprise many individuals even in the Haredi (ultra orthodox) sector are also signing up and getting their lambs ready to slaughter for this special and important Offering to Almighty One.

The Supreme Court has required the Government of Israel to respond to a petition presented by the Temple Mount Movements by Sunday. According to a representative of the Temple Mount Movements this morning, the trial over the Passover Offering may take place as soon as Monday!

We will keep you updated with any new developments regarding the Passover Offering 2010.


the70thweek said...

State: Passover Sacrifice Would Provoke Muslims

( State attorneys asked Sunday for the Supreme Court to forbid Jews to bring sacrifices on the Temple Mount. The appeal to the court was a response to a petition from the Temple Mount Institute, which requested permission to bring a sacrifice on the Temple Mount prior to Passover.

The Temple Mount Institute argued that Jews are commanded to bring a sacrifice prior to Passover, and that by prohibiting them from doing so, the state was violating its own laws protecting freedom of worship.

State attorneys argued that the sacrifice would be a dangerous provocation of Muslim sensitivities. “Performing the ritual on the Temple Mount would deal a severe blow to public safety and security,” they said.

The sacrifice would be dangerous “particularly at the current time,” they said, apparently in reference to recent Muslim riots over the dedication of the rebuilt Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem's Old City. Muslim and Palestinian Authority leaders incited their followers to violence, claiming that the rededication of the synagogue was part of a Jewish plan to seize control of the Temple Mount.

In past years, the Supreme Court ruled that Jews may not offer sacrifices on the Temple Mount due to the possibility of a violent Muslim response. The Temple Mount Institute has performed an educational demonstration of the Passover sacrifice instead.

We await the final ruling from the Israeli Supreme Court. Sounds like it might be in the next few days.


the70thweek said...

Rally to Demand Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

( After days of waiting, organizers of a “freedom of worship” rally for Jews on the Temple Mount have finally received police approval. It will be held Tuesday evening in downtown Jerusalem.

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick has announced that the rally will be held at 6 PM at the Mashbir Plaza on King George St., under the banner, “The Time for our Freedom has Arrived.”

“We will call for freedom of worship throughout the Temple Mount,” Glick said, “- even for Jews.”

Flyers for the rally state, “In its response to the Supreme Court regarding our demand to pray on the Temple Mount, the State representatives wrote that freedom of worship is not prevented there, but that they are ‘concerned’ about the ‘security ramifications.’ This means that the State is admitting that it is giving in to terrorism! Caving in to terrorism is a danger to democracy!”

The organizers had originally asked that the rally be held close to the Temple Mount, but “we agreed to the police request to relocate it because of the recent Arab disturbances. We hope the police will remember this in the future.”

The organizers further demand to be able to celebrate this coming Passover holiday on the site of the Holy Temple by being allowed to offer the Paschal sacrifice. One Halakhic [Jewish legal] approach over the generations is that this would be permitted, even under the present circumstances and without a Temple.

To emphasize their desire, the organizers call on participants to bring sheep and goats to the protest.