Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rockets Hit Northern Israel from Lebanon

Curt Here...

It looks like a possible second front in the current war in the Middle East has opened up tonight as rockets have landed in Northern Israel from Lebanon.

It is unsure at this time as to which group is responsible for these rockets. Was it Hezbollah? Not sure yet, but if it was then this war could intensify quickly.

Stay tuned as this could heat up real fast.


Israel Battered by Rockets From Lebanon and Gaza

Thursday , January 08, 2009

BREAKING NEWS — As many as five rockets fired from Lebanon exploded in northern Israel on Thursday, the first since the Jewish state launched an offensive in Gaza two weeks ago, Israeli police said.

The rockets reportedly struck around the town of Nahariya, 5 miles south of the Lebanese border and wounded at least one person.

Israeli forces immediately returned fire, blasting mortars across Lebanon's border after the attack. A military spokesman said Israel fired five artillery shells aimed as "a pinpoint response at the source of fire."

Israeli defense officials said the military had been on alert for rocket attacks by Lebanon's Hezbollah militia since Israel intensified its battle against Palestinian rocket squads in Gaza, on Israel's southern flank. At the same time as Thursday's northern barrage, six rockets from Gaza hit towns in southern Israel.

Hezbollah had no immediate comment. The heavily armed group is a strong ally of Hamas, but has held its fire during the Israeli offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

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Mike here...

Now, clashes in the West Bank. The quick story I read sounded like Palestinian Protests turned violent. Not so much a military attack but none the less, Israel could have a 3 front conflict here very quickly. I'm sure the have to leave some military presence in the West Bank because I believe it is even more important real estate to the Palestinians than Gaza.