Friday, October 12, 2012

The System - Babylon

The United Nations on the Brink of becoming a world government...

Revelation 17: 10 - 11

There are 7 Kings:

7) Little Horn/UN - Revived Babylon/Revived Roman Empire
6) America/Canada - Babylon (Daughters)
5) Nazi Germany - Leopard
4) Russia - Bear
3) England/Britain - Lion
2) Rome - Band of Iron (Daniel 4 - Dream of a Tree)
1) Greece - Band of Brass (Daniel 4 - Dream of a Tree)

5 Are Fallen:

1) Greece
2) Rome
3) Lion/England
4) Bear/Russia
5) Leopard/Nazi Germany

One Is:

6) America/Canada/Daughters Babylon

The "Other" is not yet come:

7) Little Horn/UN/Revived Babylon/Revived Roman Empire

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Obviously I'm not dogmatic about this, however in my humble opinion I see things lining up more with a revised Babylon rather than a revised Roman Empire, however could also be 1 in the same as I've listed...



the70thweek said...

Interesting theory and very interesting article BerryBlueBerry. Both are definitely worthy of some discussion as I would love to hear some other thoughts from the masses on this.

I personally still lean heavily towards the Revived Roman Empire theory, but you have given me something to think about.


Robert Boiarski said...

It is important that we look at spiritual truths, such as those the followers of this blog seek, in a way that is not crystalline.

What may appear to be true or not appear true; to he who limits himself to a particular structure of thinking is relative to how he has limited or not limited his perception of a universal loving G_D of all people.

Meditate on this, x + not x =1 the truth I seek and hold and the truth I neither seek nor hold equals the one divine truth.

What man sees as two things darkness and light, love and hate...the opposites. This G_D sees as one. Man unable to see the one must see the one as two.

Love always,