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Zapatero to Tab Javier Solana

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Not long ago Javier Solana retired from EU politics, but it has been clear from my research and from listening to Javier Solana himself that he still has the desire to be involved in international politics. Today he got his wish as Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero has appointed Javier Solana to head the Spanish Security Strategy. This position will analyse the vital interests of the Spanish and the assessment of risks and threats to Spain.

The thing that makes this so intriguing is the fact that on January 1st, Spain will take over the rotating presidency of not only the EU, but also the WEU. Prime Minster Zapatero will head both positions. If you have been following this blog and others, you will know that the WEU controls the military power of the EU, especially in the case of crisis management. You would also know that WEU document, Recommendation 666, gives the Secretary General of the WEU power to convene the EU council in the event of an emergency. The Secretary General of the WEU is currently vacant, since Javier Solana retired.

With Javier Solana taking over Spain's security strategy, (which for the next six months will be the entire EU's security strategy since Spain will be in charge) are we seeing Javier Solana position himself in such a way that he could be put in a position of power in the event of an emergency? Obviously, it is way to soon to tell, but this latest development is quite intriguing. I will continue to watch this with great interest and report as warranted.

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Zapatero tab to Javier Solana

The former foreign minister and former senior representative of the European Union again? National policy to design the new security strategy

Fourteen years after leaving the post of foreign minister to start a fruitful career in international organizations, Javier Solana will hold office in Spanish politics. Zapatero has decided not to miss the experience and good international image until recently the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union has mandated the development of the Spanish Security Strategy. The Cabinet yesterday made official the appointment to a position that will be based on analysis of vital interest to the Spanish and the assessment of risks and threats to Spain.

After leaving his position in the European Union, Solana was signed by the ESADE business school to head its new research center in economics and geopolitics, but so far had shown no intention of returning to public office. In fact, Solana said at all times that his future would be in college. Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, said yesterday that the Security Strategy was one of Zapatero's proposals in his inaugural speech. Now, Solana be defined before November 30 a text defining the objectives, indicate priorities, quantify budgets, secure collaboration and plan budgetary efforts for submission to Congress as the president promised.

Solana's return to the front line strengthens the profile of the Zapatero administration, which passes at this time precisely because of difficulties due to international conflict and security issues as fishing Alakrana sequestration, that of the three Spanish aid workers and the crisis in Mauritania caused by the Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar, occurring within days of Zapatero himself holding the rotating presidency of the European Union. International contacts also former secretary general of NATO guarantees the president a greater capacity for dialogue during this period. In his new role, Solana will report directly to the Prime Minister.

De la Vega said yesterday that the analysis of risks and threats to Spain will "make the strategic lines of action not only from the perspective of the military defense or public safety, but from all aspects of a modern concept Security demands today. Solana defined as "a person of great experience and knowledge," with a "high trajectory" and that until just weeks ago has been "a great European High Representative.

Contacts with Solana have been so secret that on Tuesday Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, said in Congress to a request by Mr Jordi XuclĂ  CiU for the government to seize the "vast experience", pointing to Solana for any charges, saying that "if the occasion arises, the Government requested" the assistance of the former minister.

During the entire time they were occupying positions in international institutions, Solana has held sway in the party and is considered one of the most respected politicians in the PSOE. In fact, during that time continued to belong to the federal committee of the PSOE, but at the 37th Congress of the Spanish Socialists, held in 2008, was not renewed in positions of leadership.

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