Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solana: Palestinian State in 1967 Borders

Curt Here...

Hello everyone, sorry for the time between now and my last blog entry.

It is crazy, that even though almost daily, there are amazing and possibly prophetic events occurring in this confusing world I am finding it more and more difficult to articulate these events in such a manner that doesn't add to the confusion. I guess I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, as it is becoming more and more plain to me that our Savior is coming soon (Praise God). It is also very frustrating to me that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are not seeing the signs of His soon return, and because of this they could be caught at some point unaware. Is anyone else experiencing this frustration or is it just me?

Having said that, I will press on and fight the good fight, but your prayers are appreciated.

Today's news is not a great surprise to me as Javier Solana said in a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the EU is dedicated to the establishment of a Palestinian state. He said that this state should be established within the 1967 boarders. This means the boarders that existed prior to the 1967 Israeli six day war.

He said that the sooner this happens the better. He went on to say "the time to do it is now. Nothing has been done in the world without taking risks." I find it very interesting that the country that would take the greatest risk for this to go forward is of course not the EU but Israel. Seems like this is pretty easy for Solana to say, especially when it is not his country that is fighting for it's very existence.

One final thought, for the record Javier Solana was scheduled to retire 4 days ago. Due to the current delay in the ultimate approval of the Lisbon Treaty his retirement has been indefinitely postponed. As far as I can tell he still shows no signs of retiring anytime soon. He has been very active in the Middle East over the last few days, trying to convince all sides to move forward on a agreement towards establishing a Palestinian State.

I wonder if and when he is going to get the power to continue for 42 months.

Revelation 13:5

5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

Stay Tuned



Solana: Palestinian state in 1967 borders

European Union's Foreign Policy chief says after meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah EU is dedicated to establishment of Palestinian state, says the sooner this happens, the better

Ynet Published: 10.21.09, 12:06 / Israel News

EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana said the European Union's goal is to establish a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders.

Speaking in Ramallah on Wednesday, Solana said the sooner this happens, the better.

Solana met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday morning, and is scheduled to meet later with Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

His visit to the Palestinian Authority is aimed at highlighting the EU's commitment to the region and supporting the PA leadership.

Solana is slated to visit Israel on Thursday, and meet with Israeli officials.

During his visit to Ramallah, Solana said there may be a need to exchange certain territories, but he said this should not disrupt the territory's continuity.

He said EU's stance in the matter is similar to that of the Quartet on the Middle East, and expressed his support of Abbas' efforts to unite the Palestinian people in light of the current dispute between his Fatah party and Hamas.

Solana's meeting with Abbas came before the latter's trip to Egypt. After the meeting, Solana said that Abbas took off to Cairo where reconciliation talks between the two Palestinian factions are ongoing, and stressed that Abbas is dedicated to closing a deal.

Later Wednesday, Solana told the Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem that the world must not accept an Iranian nuclear bomb. According to Solana, "Tomorrow is today and we have no time to lose."

As for the peace process in the Middle East, Solana called for limited negotiations. "The time to do it is now. Nothing has been done in the world without taking risks.",7340,L-3793236,00.html


Anonymous said...

Beloved of the Lord,

Curt may the Lord bless you in great abundance as you sound the alarm even when the pain of not being heard hits the reality of scripture - He sends them the strong delusion.

Many in the body are grieving as we try to deal with the same frustration you mention.How does one vocalize the enormity of what we are seeing being affirmed daily ,then try to share this to an apostate church? We can't!

Please know that the work you and Bro Brian have been doing does not go unnoticed by your fellow brethren as well as the Lord we so love and adore.

Oh and btw we'll hold you too the wild safari trip in July 2010, all you would need to bring is a bible, lots of film & Bro Brian :)

Hunting lessons are on me :)

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this today- Jer 12:5 If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses.

Be blessed, you guys are in our hearts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if and when he is going to get the power to continue for 42 months."

Revelation 13:5

5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

A very interesting development ...

Yes ... we need to 'stay tuned'


Anonymous said...

And count me in on that hunting trip. Komati is about 40 miles from me. You are all welcome! :-)


Anonymous said...

Laugh!!what ya mean count you in, you hosting it bro ! you need to show 'em American's some howzit China action ,they'll never leave I tell ya!! lol...seriously they love the big we only have the fake one's ya know , they even make sounds (recorder's hiding in the fake serengeti grass- I got pic's I tell ya ) ROFL..Ok I'm done :)
Just wanted Curt to know we are in this together amen?

It's such a blessing to be united as one body, to witness the remnant in action = PRICELESS!

Better than biltong and braavlies I tell ya!

Be blessed, be filled be His.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hello Curt,

I sympathize with your feelings. On the one hand things are so exciting because so many events are unfolding at once and I get thrilled seeing the LORD'S hand at work. On the other, I mourn the loss of so many unsaved, and worry for the blind Christians who resist seeing the season and continue secular life apace like nothing's happening. These conflicting emotions are running rampant at this time, interfering with and making cohesive thought harder than ever for me.

Also, attempting to articulate what are ever more clearly *supernatural* events is stretching my writing and thinking skills to my natural limit just internalizing them enough to re-articulate them for my blog readers and subscribers. It is so hard to comprehend the supernatural when you have a natural brain and only so many words to formulate the deep thoughts and awful import of what I am seeing! Describing it becomes nearly impossible. Some days I just stare at the computer (like today) knowing what I want to write but am totally unable to. Days like these I just pray. Sometimes I just groan.

Keep at it though, the people who are clued in are SO hungry. I guess we all just do the best we can and when one falls back there are others to step in and spell them, and when we are rejuvenated by the Spirit, we step in again. You do great work, never think it is for naught. I love your take on things and the EU-Political niche you are taking on. No one else is writing about that as consistently as you are, and your contributions are so valuable.

Peace to you brother!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Curt, and be not weary in well-doing! These are the times that the devil wars against us because his time is short, so as to wear down the saints.

I agree, we all feel the pressure, the impending climax approaching, and the exasperation of dealing with those that have been "given over to believe a lie".

God bless and protect you,


the70thweek said...

Thanks everyone for all the encouragment. It really means a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hello Elizabeth & Sarah

Thank-you for your comments and input .

Not knowing your eschatological view and the timing you adhere to, but there is a general consensus with the body of Christ that we may have entered into the first half of the 70th week already.

We base our theory on the ENPI which Curt and many others at Fulfilled Prophecy have been watching very closely.

The frustration we are feeling is a desperate concern for those we love so much and care for that refuse to heed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the urgency He is sounding.

This clip blessed me so much yesterday and calmed my heart to why.


Anonymous said...

For those that have not seen Bro Brian's post today.

Curt we praise God for you both as we watch excitably as the two of you work together in humility and love at the places the Lord has called you guys to sound the alarm.

Just this am ( before reading Brian's thoughts) I was looking at the same " passover 2010" concern with another believer. Wow how exciting !

In His love and service




I call it the Solana effect. It was Solana that negotiated a renewed treaty with Israel to be in place on January 1, 2007. It was Solana that announced that the Palestinians will have a state in two years, and the United States followed. It was Solana that has been negotiating with the Iranians, and first called for a nuclear-free Middle East some years ago, then the United States came on board. It was Solana that wanted all Jewish settlement activity to halt, and the United States surprisingly followed suit. All of this American involvement in Solana's activity seemed to be upped significantly since Obama was elected. Now, Solana has said that the Israelis do not know how deep they are in EU's programs, such as the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), which is getting more powerful behind the scenes. His unseen power is the Solana effect.

All of this shows us that the ENP and Solana are in the news more than they ever have. Solana was supposed to retire in mid-October 2009. However, because of the Lisbon Treaty troubles with the Czech's, Solana is staying on for the moment. It is as if he is indispensible. Something that is not taught very much is that the False Prophet is more charismatic than the Antichrist. It is the False Prophet that convinces the world to adopt a new world economic system based on, with what I believe, tolerance and acceptance of everyone, which means Jesus Christ will be taken out because those who truly follow Jesus cannot tolerate other belief systems. So far, Solana seems to be the very deceptive, believable guy on the scene that is making statements that follow Bible prophecy.

When all of it is put together you don't need a successful peace process, but the opposite. You need a failing peace process that culminates in the Abomination of Desolation. If the treaty has already been signed in the name of the ENP, which is a program of the EU, then you have everything you need. It is Solana making the moves, not Obama or his surrogates. The date to look for is March 30th, 2010 or June 14, 2010. The difference of dates are determined by either you see the ENP starting Oct. 17th, 2006 or Jan. 1st, 2007. It is those dates that will determine whether we have the infamous man and his treaty. The Antichrist does not become Antichrist until the middle of the 70th week, which are the 2010 dates above if this is it? So far, nothing surprises me.

Bro. Brian