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Netanyahu Prepares for Obama: Israel to Be Left Alone in World?

Curt Here...

This article posted below does a very nice job of summing up the diplomatic activity over the last couple of weeks between the US and Israel. It is just as I suspected maybe even worse. The new US administration has effectively in just a few short weeks radically changed the US's 60 year relationship with the nation of Israel.

The old US policy's would be to protect the nation of Israel at any cost against their radical Muslim neighbors. Today the new US policy's will leave Israel to face Iran and Hamas alone and at the same time these new policy's will back Israel into a corner. It appears as if the only way out, will be to accept some sort of peace agreement that includes a two state solution with the Palestinians.

How can you have peace with a group of people who want nothing more than to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth? Iran and Hamas to this day refuse to acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist. How does our new administration not see this?

Peace, peace there is no peace, until the Prince of Peace returns. I hope soon.

Stay tuned.



Netanyahu Prepares for Obama: Israel to Be Left Alone in World?

by Hillel Fendel

( As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu prepares for his visit to the United States next week, warnings abound that the Obama Administration’s policies will leave Israel to face Iran and Hamas alone.

The warnings are summed up in recent articles by the West’s two main pro-Israel female commentators: Melanie Phillips and Caroline Glick. Writing in the Spectator (United Kingdom) last week, Philips warns that “Obama is attempting to throw Israel under the Islamist bus.” She cites the report that Obama’s National Security Adviser told a European foreign minister that Obama will be ‘forceful’ with Israel, and plans to impose, with the EU and moderate Arab states, "a satisfactory endgame solution" upon Israel.

PA State: Evil and Stupid

“This is all not only evil,” Phillips says, “but exceptionally stupid… The Arab states are beside themselves with anxiety about Iran. They want it to be attacked and its nuclear programme stopped. They are desperately fearful that the Obama administration might have decided that it can live with a nuclear Iran… A Palestine state will be Iran, in the sense that it will be run by Hamas as a proxy for the Islamic Republic. The idea that a Palestine state will not compromise Israel’s security is ludicrous.”

American Jewry: Spineless

After expressing incredulity at the American demands for further Israeli concessions in the light of the utter failure of the Disengagement, Phillips writes that U.S. Jews are reacting “with a total absence of spine… Almost eighty per cent of American Jews voted for Obama despite the clear and present danger he posed to Israel. They did so because their liberal self-image was and is more important to them than the Jewish state whose existence and security cannot be allowed to jeopardise their standing with America’s elite.”

Netanyahu must therefore take Israel’s message to “the ordinary American people,” she concludes: “They do value and support Israel. They do understand that if Israel is thrown under that bus, the west is next. And it is they to whom Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu must now appeal, over the heads of the politicians and the media and certainly America’s Jews and everyone else. He must tell the American people the terrible truth, that America is now run by a man who is intent on sacrificing Israel for a reckless and amoral political strategy which will put America and the rest of the free world at risk.”

Glick: Obama Forcing Israel into Corner

Caroline Glick, writing in The Jerusalem Post, states that ahead of Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, “the Obama administration is ratcheting up its anti-Israel rhetoric and working feverishly to force Israel into a corner.”

She notes that quartet mediator Tony Blair has announced that within six weeks the US, EU, UN and Russia will unveil a new framework for establishing a Palestinian state, and that it is “being worked on at the highest level in the American administration."

Obama Humiliates Peres

Yet another milestone in the U.S. path towards abandoning Israel is the “humiliating reception” President Shimon Peres received from Obama. Visiting in Washington last week, “Peres was tasked with calming the waters ahead of Netanyahu's visit. It was hoped that he could introduce a more collegial tone to US-Israel relations.” However, the Obama government barred all media from covering the event, thus “transform[ing] what was supposed to be a friendly visit with a respected and friendly head of state into a back-door encounter with an unwanted guest, who was shooed in and shooed out of the White House without a sound.”

Abrogating 40 Years of Understanding

Another point raised by Glick and Eli Lake of The Washington Times: US Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller told the UN that Israel and others must adhere to the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), thus effectively abrogating a 40-year-old US-Israeli understanding that the US would remain silent about Israel's nuclear program because it understood that it is defensive, not offensive in nature. The statement also erases “any distinction between nuclear weapons in the hands of US allies and democratic states and nuclear weapons in the hands of US enemies and terror states,” Glick wrote.

“The fact that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, all chance of peace between Israel and the Palestinians and Israel and the Arab world will disappear,” Glick continues, “is of no interest to Obama and his advisers. They do not care that the day after [Hamas said it was] suspending its attacks against Israel from Gaza, the Iranian-controlled terror regime took credit for several volleys of rockets shot against Israeli civilian targets from Gaza.”

“The operational significance of the administration's anti-Israel positions is that Israel will not be well served by adopting a more accommodating posture toward the Palestinians and Iran,” Glick concludes.


timInHIM said...

You mention in your "The 70th Week Countdown — What Curt Thinks" that "The ENP could very well not be the agreement that is described in the Bible, but as of right now I see nothing to disqualify it."

What disqualifies it is that the Temple must be re-built and be in full sacrificial operation by mid-week so that the AC can profane the Temple and cause sacrifices to cease. With Israel in a worsening situation with respect to the Arab nations until mid 2010 as you are proposing, how could a Temple be built?


the70thweek said...

Hi timInHIM,

Thanks for dropping by.

To answer your question please consider the following scriptures.

Daniel 9:27

27"And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of (BC)abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a (BD)complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate."

Obviously for the AC to stop sacrifices and grain offering they have to begin. This must occur before the mid-week.

Second, read this scripture from Ezra:

Ezra 3:6

6. From the first day of the seventh month they began to offer burnt offerings to the LORD, but the foundation of the temple of the LORD had not been laid.

This occurred between the first and second Temple and it is clear that sacrifices started before the 2nd Temple was built. This could easily happen again.

We also know that during the time of Moses before the 1st Temple was built the Temple and Holy of Holy's was a mobile tent or Tabernacle. Not a permanent structure.

These items lead me to believe that it is possible that we could have a fulfillment of the end time prophecy's without a Temple the size of the 1st or 2nd Temple, or a structure that is not permanent.

Having said that I am inclined to believe as you do that we will see a structure that is called the Temple. I still think there is time to build this structure before June-July of next year, but that window is quickly closing.

I also believe that Israel is not going to ask permission of the Arab world to start sacrifices. This will be one of the catalyst to the AC forcing Israel to stop.