Monday, February 9, 2009

Revelation 2

In Revelation 2 we read about Christ's analysis of 4 of the 7 churches in Asia. While all of the commentary I have read agrees that these were actual churches, I also believe that all of us can learn from these evaluations and the challenges Christ gives.

I'll focus on the first church in the chapter, the church in Ephusus.

What I find interesting is that this first church is given major credit for enduring in holding on to the truth of Christ's teaching yet in verse 4 we find that they are judged to have lost their first love. Ephesus was a city that had great commercial trading, wonderful architecture, and clearly valued education.

In verse 5 they are directed to humbly recall where they have come from. A great piece of advice for all of us. For those of us who are believers our first love has to be Jesus. I'm also reminded of the joy of my salvation when as an adult I truly understood God's grace, forgiveness and love for me.

As we search the scriptures for understanding and discuss the possible implications of this prophecy or that verse lets keep in mind that we have one primary goal, to be transparent about our love for Christ and be ready to share our testimony, in season and out of season.

As Curt and I have often reflected on the prophetic scriptures and the current events that certainly appear to match many of them, the question of what now often comes to the surface. After y ears of praying, pondering, discussing it is clear to me what to do... HOLD ON TO OUR FIRST LOVE AND BE WILLING TO MAKE PERSONAL SACRIFICES TO SHARE THE GOSPEL. Now, if you are reading our blog and are not a Christian... welcome, some of this may be hard to comprehend.

My own conclusion to how the end times unfold is one more attempt by God to pull out all the stops, if you will, to stir believers out of their comfort zones and into sharing the truth in love with those around us. It is a natural response to our first love and the reality that we are running out of time to reach those who haven't been presented with the Gospel.

As we read the scriptures and see the "birth pangs" it is not hard to imagine people searching for understanding. Lets make sure those of us who know Jesus personally are ready and willing to tell our story of our first love.

God Bless,


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