Monday, December 8, 2008

Blair says that Palestinians and Israelis Reached a Secret Agreement

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There are some real interesting rumors floating around that there has been a secret peace agreement reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians. None of the major details of this so called agreement have been released yet. It apparently has not been signed by any of the participating parties, but there does appear to be at least at this point, some serious legs to this story. Check out the article posted below for more info.

Is this the beginning of the period of false peace that seems to occur during the first half of the 70th week of Daniel or is this just another on the long list of failed peace agreements that we have read about through the years?

If we have entered the 70th week of Daniel through the ENPI agreement (for more info click here that started on January 2007, then it would appear that some sort of peace agreement or period of false peace would need to occur before we reach the midpoint of the ENPI in July of 2010.

Could this really be it? Stay tuned.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has stated publicly that Palestinian and Israeli negotiators have reached a secret agreement.

In an interview with the leading Palestinian daily Al Quds, Blair stated that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have resolved differences between them, although he was careful to note that this agreement has not been signed. When pressed by the Palestinian reporter about the failure of the Annapolis process which began last year, Blair stated the following: "The continuous meetings between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and [Israeli leader] Olmert as well as the continuous negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli teams has produced an agreement." Blair said that he respects the choice of the Israeli and Palestinian leaders not to divulge details and therefore he would not give any further details.

Tony Blair who represents the Quartet Committee for Peace in the Middle East praised the courage of US President George Bush for his public pursuit for an agreement on a Palestinian state before the end of his term. Leaders of the US, Israel and the Palestinian Authority are in the last months of their terms in office. President Bush's last days in office is January 20th, Olmert has resigned and new elections are slated for February 2009, and the legal term of Mahmoud Abbas is due to expire January 9th. Blair praised President Elect Obama saying that he worked closely with General Jones who Obama choose as national security advisor.

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