Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Report: Olmert to Divide J'lem, Accept Arab Influx

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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I post today bringing some very interesting news. According to article listed below, over the next six months Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are expected to finalize an agreement which includes the following:

1) Divide Jerusalem
2) Allow Palestinian Immigrants into Israeli Land
3) Israel will withdrawal from Land back to the 1948 original Armistice Line.

This means that all land that was captured during the six day war of 1967 will be returned to the various Arab Nations. Sadly, President George Bush seems to pushing Israel in this direction along with EU.

Some will naturally think that this could be the "Covenant With Many" as described in Daniel 9:27, but if you have been following my blog or the few others that I have listed on my favorites than you will know that this so called "agreement" is probably part of existing deal that is already in place. You see the European Neighborhood Policy requires peace with your neighbors in order to participate and receive funding and trading incentives with the EU. With regularly scheduled reviews from the EU into each countries individual ENP Action plans, the EU continues to put more and more pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to come to peace with each other, and if they don't they could lose their right to participate in the ENP. This is what I believe is happening and the reason the push for peace continues.

I think if you follow and study Biblical Prophecy at all then you know that Jerusalem will someday be divided, but it is very sad to be watching it happen. The good news is that this is all part of God's plan and it means we are one step closer to our Lord's return.

Keep looking up.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Over the next six months Israeli and PA negotiators are expected to finalize an agreement that will include dividing Jerusalem, flooding Israel with Palestinian immigrants and an Israeli withdrawal to the 1948 Armistice Line.

According to a report issued by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Prime Minister Olmert has indicated Israel's willingness to be "flexible" in meeting Arab demands, and US President George W. Bush will pressure PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to do the same during meetings next month. Israel will reportedly withdraw most military and civilians to the 1967 border, with the exception of large settlement blocks near pre-1967 Israel.

Israel is also expected to meet Arab demands to "make up" territories in Judea and Samaria that remain under Israeli control by transferring lands from pre-1967 Israel to PA control. But the PA has refused to accept Arab-populated regions of pre-1967 Israel as part of the deal.

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