Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ezekiel Option

Mike here....

So, I just finished reading the Ezekiel Option, a fictional book using the prophecies found in Ezekieal 38 and 39 (the Gog Magaog War) as a backdrop to an action/adventure story. I really enjoyed it.

I think my big take away was perspective on all of the Christians living in conditions where they are persecuted.

I loved a section late in the book where the author, Joel, writes about a fictional town that is visited by Angels and the Gospel is presented to them via these visions or interactions with Angels. It definitely opened my mind to all the ways God can use to spread the Good News.

The end was a bit drawn out... I knew what to expect from the standpoint of what God was going to do to the Nations who were staging a war against Israel. To be fair, the earthquake surprised me but as far as tying up the end of the story it seemed to take too long.

Next up is "In His Image", by James Beauseigneur. Maybe if I commit myself to posting updates on my progress I will be more diligent about reading regularly.


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Curt said...

Yes, the Ezekiel Option is a very good book. Glad you enjoyed it.

Your next book "In His Image" is the first book of 3 of the "Christ Clone Trilogy." These three books are exceptional and you should have no problem being diligent as they are very excellent reads.

Have fun.